October 24, 2020

The Civil Guard makes its debut on TikTok dancing with a dog

The civil Guard has opened account in TikTok, the popular application for creating and sharing short videos with music, with the aim of bringing safety tips to the youngest, which are the ones that mostly access this platform.

@guardiacivilesp ## guardiacivil ## 062 ## dogs ## police dogs ## gc ## serviciocinologico? Jerusalema (feat. Nomcebo Zikode) [Edit] – Master KG

More than 130,000 views has reached the first TikTok of the Civil Guard in just a few hours, with a short video in which an agent who is a canine handler with his dog dancing to music.

On the screen and with the use of different emoticons, the Civil Guard recalls that in the work of the body dogs there is a lot of training and affection, and that “they are never given drugs, explosives or poisoned baits” so that they learn or not they are abandoned when they retire.

The Civil Guard has explained to EFE that the purpose of being present on this channel is to be able to reach the youngest with safety advice, especially in the use of new technologies and warn them of the risks they run if they post photos or videos on social networks.


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