The Civil Guard is looking for the body of a woman killed by her boyfriend in Gáldar


The Police are looking for the body of a woman in Gáldar
Paco Luis Mateos

The Civil Guard and the Local Police of Gáldar found yesterday afternoon skeletal remains that could belong to a woman of 60 years old and a native of the Basque Country, who allegedly has been killed and buried by her boyfriend on agricultural land in the Las Rojas neighborhood. The security forces are trying to locate the sentimental couple, who recognized a friend who had ended the life of his girlfriend and assured that he intended to turn himself in to the police station. The first investigations suggest that he could have fled the Island.

Sources close to the investigation assured that an acquaintance of the couple had contacted the boyfriend after having not heard from him for several days. Mary of the Angels I. He acknowledged that he had killed her and buried her next to the shack in which they lived, located at the entrance to the northwestern city from Becerril, and that he was going to turn himself in to the police. According to the same sources, the witness advised other people of these statements, but in principle they did not give credibility to his testimony.

An acquaintance called the partner of the disappeared after having had no news of her for days

Thus, early in the afternoon yesterday this same person decided to call Emergency and Security Coordination Center (Cecoes) 112, which mobilized the Local Police. The municipal officials went to the scene and found that there were indications that a murder had occurred, so they reported the facts to the Civil Guard of Santa María de Guía, competent in the crimes of homicide and murder.

To the farm, whose access is from Mariano J. Larra street with the Paseo de los Guanartemes, also known as cholesterol; A large team of the Judicial Police and the Criminalistics Laboratory of the Las Palmas Command was displaced, with shovels and other utensils they began to dig to try to find any indication of the whereabouts of Mari Ángeles.

At the same time, the different units were notified to try to locate the alleged perpetrator of the crime that would have been committed during the last week. In this sense, the sources pointed out that one of the hypotheses suggests that the couple would have taken advantage of these days to flee the Island, although in principle it is ruled out that they have left the Archipelago. However, a person who resides a hundred meters from where the alleged crime took place claimed that it had been three or four days since he had seen the missing person. This same person assured that he did not notice anything that made him suspect that a crime had occurred there. Another neighbor claimed to have seen her on December 24.

At eight o’clock in the afternoon the device was suspended after several skeletal remains were found that were in a state of accelerated decomposition due to external effects, according to sources, who added that they will have to be analyzed to determine if they belong to the missing person. Early today the search is scheduled to restart at the same point.

Traces were suspended last night and will restart this morning

The alleged murderer, who had been living in Gáldar for a short time, has a police record for less serious criminal acts. For her part, the deceased, a native of Bilbao and in her 60s, had been residing in the northwest of Gran Canaria for more than a decade, although always in different slums. For a time he worked selling tickets for a daily raffle, both in the urban areas of Gáldar and Agaete.

The Court of Instruction number 1 of Santa María de Guía, acting as guard, declared the summary secret until the alleged murderer is located and the violent death is certified. The crime is investigated as sexist violence, as specified by judicial sources, which added that there are no previous complaints between the couple.

In the event that the murder due to gender violence is confirmed, it would be number 44 registered this year in Spain, the third in the Archipelago, according to statistics from the Ministry of Equality. In the absence of a day to close 2020, this figure would mean the lowest in a calendar year since 2003, when women murdered at the hands of their partners or ex-partners began to be officially registered.

Expectation in the city

The daily routine that is lived in Gáldar was broken yesterday with the presence of a group of people dressed in white suits on a farm and a group of journalists and cameras that captured every movement of the former. The Paseo de los Guanartemes, where every afternoon a large number of people gather to walk between the City of Knights and Santa María de Guía, was filled with curious people who wanted to know what had happened in that agricultural land where the Civil Guard and the Gáldar Local Police were busy looking for human remains. The researchers were removing soil and even used a sieve to differentiate possible human remains from the ground. The abundant trash that was next to the shack made it difficult to search to locate the remains. | ACD


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