June 24, 2021

The Civil Guard investigates a scam that impersonates the Tax Agency – La Provincia

The Civil Guard Investigates a new scam in which the authors pose as the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) to collect false invoices from companies. Scammers take advantage of the confusion generated by many companies after the ERTE presented to claim unrealistic invoices on behalf of the AEAT.

The claim occurs via email, and the scammers write the same subject in the emails: ‘Report of undeclared invoices’. Cyber ​​criminals use the well-known phishing method, which consists of stealing personal information through fraudulent emails requesting that you provide your personal, financial or security data to carry out the cyber fraud.

Researchers have verified that the domain of the sender’s email address – which is displayed in the ‘from’ section – is the same domain that the AEAT, @ Correo.aeat.es.

A security measure to avoid being a victim of these scams is to look at the headers of the emails, where they will be able to check who is actually sending it and that in these cases they would not correspond to the Tax agency, the Civil Guard has advised in a note.

From the Telematic Crimes unit (EDIT) of the Civil Guard in Navarra the pertinent investigations are being carried out to find the authors of this scam.

The Civil Guard has launched a specific communication channel to receive information about online fraud and scams on the occasion of the state of alarm. Through the account ciberestafas@guardiacivil.org citizens can report possible scams and fraudulent sales related to the COVID19 as a hook.


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