May 14, 2021

The Civil Guard investigates a gang rape against a woman in Madrid | Society

The Civil Guard investigates a gang rape against a woman in Madrid | Society

A young woman from Ciempozuelos, 24, of Venezuelan nationality, was sexually assaulted by four men, who boarded her on Thursday in a street in the town, 35 kilometers south of Madrid and near Aranjuez. The young men held her, tore her clothes and abused her. The events occurred at 00.35 in the morning when the girl returned from work and went home.

According to the story of the young woman, when she left the Renfe Cercanías station, four individuals took her to a secluded area on the way to the municipality. It is a wooded and dark area through which nobody passed at that time. The attackers were dressed in dark, with winter clothes, which is making it difficult to identify.

The victim also reported that the assailants threw her to the ground and ripped her clothes with a spike or similar sharp object. In fact, they broke the shirt he was wearing. There were also scratches on the thorax and abdomen. Then one of them sexually assaulted her. The victim did not know what was exactly introduced by the vagina, but soon the attackers gave up and went away. Of course, before the mobile phone was stolen, according to sources confirmed in the case.

The woman contacted her cousin, with whom she shares housing, and went to report the facts at 00.35. At that time the protocol of victims of sexual assault was activated. She was taken to the emergency department of the Infanta Elena de Valdemoro hospital to receive medical care, where she was explored by the doctors. They determined that he did not suffer any serious injury. Now he suffers post-traumatic stress.

The young woman gave as a detail that one of the attackers wore a cap with a red visor. The Civil Guard made a shake in the area and arrested a young man wearing a garment of these characteristics. When they showed the photo to the victim, she said it was not the victim's, so the arrested man was released. At first, the young woman said that a chain had been ripped from her that could have fallen in the place that attacked her. When removing the clothes to send them to the Criminalistics laboratories of the Civil Guard, the jewel appeared among them. Part of the collected samples will also be sent to the Anatomical Forensic Institute.

The Judicial Police team of the Guardia Civil in Valdemoro has opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of the sexual assault, whose complaint was filed this Thursday at the post of the armed institute in the town of Madrid.

This morning, the Plaza de la Constitución hosted a repulsive rally at 12 noon. The municipality has called a second protest at 6 pm "by neighborhood request" and to facilitate more citizens can express their condemnation.


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