The Civil Guard intervenes 300 kg of illegal mistletoe

The Civil Guard intervenes 300 kg of illegal mistletoe

The Civil Guard Has intervened 300 kilograms of mistletoe that had been collected without authorization in an area between Zaragoza and Tudela. The destination of the shipment was for sale in the next christmas campaign.

As reported this Tuesday by the Armed Institutethe mistletoe was located by civil guards when they were serving in the AP-2. When inspecting a suspicious van, they found boxes filled with the plant, collected without permission for disposal. sale this christmas.

300 kg of mistletoe seized on AP-2 |CIVIL GUARD

The two occupants of the vehicle lacked authorization for the collection, transfer and sale of the species, which is legally protected. Therefore, they were sanctioned for violations of legislation on natural heritage and biodiversity.


The Meritorious Remember that plants such as mistletoe, holly or moss are protected and their collection is prohibited. The intervention was carried out by agents from the Pina de Ebro and Quinto post. agents They observed the van parked in the AP-2 rest area in the municipality of Pina. When it turns out suspicious, they proceeded to identify its two occupants. It was then that they realized the illegal cargo of mistletoe.

After verifying that they did not have permission for the use and transportation of the protected species, the corresponding complaint was filed for violation of the forestry legislation and of natural heritage. Likewise, they intervened in the merchandise to prevent its fraudulent marketing.

Why do we use mistletoe at Christmas?

Lastly, the Civil Guard reminds the population that there are sustainable alternatives for Christmas decorations, such as purchasing these plants in authorized nurseries or the use of artificial replicas. In this way we contribute to preserving the wealth of the biodiversity autochthonous.