The Civil Guard identifies the irresponsible who took 'selfies' in front of the La Palma volcano

The Civil Guard has identified and located the reckless people who last week jumped the security limits of the exclusion zone on the island of La Palma to take selfies just a few meters from the lava flows produced by the volcano eruption.

Among them, There are four Englishmen who arrived by boat from Tenerife and who have been identified and proposed for the crime of disobedience, as LaSexta has advanced. Irresponsible people who have endangered their lives and those of their rescuers to take photos next to the Cumbre Vieja volcano and upload them to their social networks. In the images they are also seen without any type of personal protection, without masks and in a T-shirt and shorts.

Too a vessel that exceeded the maritime exclusion zone marked by the Maritime Captaincy and that despite radio notices, warning of illegality, did not leave the area.

These behaviors have already been made known to the Prosecutor's Office and the Government Sub-delegation for an alleged crime of disobedience.

The general director of the Civil Guard María Gámez, who has visited the agents deployed at the Advanced Command Point located in the municipality of El Paso, has wanted to ask the population for prudence and has reiterated the need to comply with the indications of areas of exclusion "because it is dangerous and you have to take the situation seriously."


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