August 7, 2020

The Civil Guard hunts "Isidrín" the most wanted criminal in Salamanca

The Civil Guard has arrested the most wanted fugitive offender in the province of Salamanca, who had five judicial requests and had led several leaks of the State Security Forces and Corps.

As explained today by the Commandery of Salamanca, through a press release, the arrest of I.M.F., 32 years, occurred yesterday afternoon during an operation for the prevention of crime.

The now detainee had five judicial accusations for his detention for various crimes and even his entry into prison for the execution of sentences, issued by judicial bodies Salamanca and Zamora. After several investigations, the Civil Guard managed to obtain information of its location and it was proved that I.M.F., known as 'Isidrín', moved with "meticulous actions tending to discover possible follow-ups and flee to avoid their detention", according to the Civil Guard.


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