The Civil Guard found DNA of the young woman of Boiro in the trunk of the Chewing Gum

The Civil Guard found DNA of the young woman of Boiro in the trunk of the Chewing Gum

One of the experts of the Central Unit of the Civil Guard in charge of examining the Alfa Romeo car in which José Enrique Abuín Gey was driving, aka the Chicle, on the day in which he allegedly tried to kidnap a young woman in Boiro, has accredited this Thursday that the victim's DNA was found "in the passage of the trunk door".

This is what he assured in an appearance by videoconference on the second day of the trial for this attempted kidnapping, committed on December 25, 2017 and that also precipitated the arrest of Abuín Gey for the death of another girl, Diana Quer.

The study shows that the match is 99 percent with the victim's DNA. The expert has also explained that in the trunk were two hairs of the girl.

This test would discredit the version of Chicle, which on Wednesday said that in no case was the victim within a couple of meters of the car.

In addition, two other investigators of the Civil Guard who also appeared this morning have placed special emphasis on the vehicle that the defendant chose the day of the events because, although he had bought a new car, it was not the one that used that 25 from December.

From March to December it circulated with his new vehicle, an Audi A4, but the day in which he wanted to commit the events circulated in the Alfa Romeo, they have specified.

According to the agents, Abuín Gey opted for the gray Alfa Romeo - in which supposedly also transported Diana Quer to the ship of Asados ​​in which her body was found without life - because unlike the trunk of the Audi, the Alfa Romeo "is tight", so it is impossible to leave it or access the front passenger compartment, because it has no communication between both parties.

In the case of Boiro, the Chewing Gum is accused of a crime of illegal detention or, alternatively, an accomplished one of coercion, as well as an attempted sexual assault, robbery with attempted violence and intimidation, a crime of threats and another of injuries.


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