August 7, 2020

The Civil Guard dismantles an active and violent gang of robbers

The Civil Guard, in the framework of the operation CHALECO, has dismantled in Atarfe (Granada) a dangerous band of robbers related to at least 5 crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation committed during the past month of February in gaming halls and supermarkets of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Granada, where they got a booty higher than 27,000 euros.

Four people have been arrested and two others, aged between 17 and 19, have been investigated for the alleged crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation and belonging to a criminal gang.

Likewise, 5 home searches have been made in Atarfe and Granada capital, in which one of the guns used in robberies, a knife and clothing that relates the detainees to the crimes investigated has been recovered.

This organization was very active, since they had committed 5 robberies in 17 days, and especially violent. They did not hesitate to attack employees or customers of the establishments they assaulted. In one of the robberies they hit one of the clients in the head and they caused a traumatic brain injury for which he had to be treated in a hospital center. While another client was sprayed with pepper spray and also had to be evacuated to the hospital.

The detainees stormed the hooded establishments armed with two pistols, a knife and a spray of pepper shortly before closing time. When they suspected that there was more money in the box they intimidated the employees, and sometimes they beat them and forced them to open the safes of the establishments and took away both the money that was in them and the money in the cash registers. Then they fled in a car that they had previously stolen.

The first robbery occurred on February 11 at a supermarket in Cúllar Vega. In later days, those now arrested committed other robberies in supermarkets in Alhendín and Ogíjares, and in two gambling halls in Churriana de la Vega and Atarfe.

The agents, after a laborious investigation, were able to locate the members of this organization so they launched the exploitation phase of the operation, in which they detained 4 members of the network and investigated others 2.


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