The Civil Guard detained the father and brother of a minor whom they wanted to marry in Morocco | Society

The Civil Guard detained the father and brother of a minor whom they wanted to marry in Morocco | Society

The Civil Guard has arrested in Alicante the father and brother of a 17-year-old girl whom they allegedly wanted to force to marry in Morocco with a 37-year-old man. According to the Ministry of the Interior explained in a press release, the young woman was about to be transferred to the country of origin of her parents (she was born in Spain), but a call from an acquaintance who warned of the situation has been able to prevent the conclusion of the arranged marriage.

The Civil Guard mounted an "emergency meeting" with the minor "to verify their situation." A difficult encounter since the girl could not leave the house with freedom. For months, his family had forbidden him to go out alone and they did not let him go to the institute. At that time, he had only managed to get permission to attend the June exams "after many pleas", according to Interior. Despite not having gone to class, he managed to pass all the subjects except one.

When the agents achieved contact the young woman, she said that she had suffered coercion and mistreatment since she had begun adolescence. As he related, he could not wear certain clothes and forced him to wear the Islamic veil, whenever he was going to leave the house. The mobile phone was checked continuously, until finally he was banned from using it.

The marriage was going to take place in a town in Morocco from which the parents came, where she had to move once the wedding was celebrated. In the months that have wanted to force her to marry, the girl tells that she even tried to take her own life last March. After this attempt, the parents took the young woman to Morocco so that she would meet her future husband and start thinking. The minor, who did not want to know anything about this person, was forced to talk on the phone with the man once she had returned to Spain.

The minor also told the Civil Guard about the aggressions provoked by her older brother, of 29 years, for not accepting family taxes. Therefore, the brother and also the father were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime of mistreatment in the family and another of coercion. The young woman does not want to return to her home and wants to continue her studies, so she is in a shelter run by the Public Entity for the Protection of Minors.


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