The Civil Guard believes that Montoya abducted and killed Laura Luelmo on the day of her disappearance | Society

The Civil Guard believes that Montoya abducted and killed Laura Luelmo on the day of her disappearance | Society

Colonel Ezequiel Romero, commander of the Civil Guard of Huelva, on the left, and Jesús García, lieutenant colonel of the Central Operational Unit, UCO.

The main hypothesis of the Civil Guard points out that Bernardo Montoya hit the ground at Laura Luelmo and then he moved her to the field, where he abused her sexually. This was detailed on Wednesday by the Civil Guard at a press conference in Madrid to explain the details of the investigation into the murder of the young Zamora woman in El Campillo (Huelva).

According to the report of the investigation, Montoya approached Laura Luelmo When she came back from the supermarket, he drove her home, tied her up and she tried to defend herself by kicking him in the side. Montoya hit the girl's head on the ground.

The account of the events carried out by Colonel Ezequiel Romero, head of the Huelva command and Lieutenant Colonel Jesús García of the Central Operational Unit (UCO), sheds light on what could have happened with the 26-year-old teacher in the first hours of his disappearance, determining factors in the investigation. It seems clear to the investigators that the young woman "spent very little time" at the confessed murderer's home, barely an hour, between 5:20 pm and 6:10 pm on the same evening of her disappearance.

In the absence of a more conclusive autopsy, the investigations lead investigators to believe that Bernardo Montoya delivered the fatal blows to Luelmo in one of the rooms of the house of the confessed murderer, located in front of the one that the victim had just rented, and Later ("possibly scared") she rushed to take her to the place where she was found and "right there she sexually assaulted her", although all these hypotheses will have to be corroborated by the autopsy.

Montoya was "at the beginning, a suspect with capital letters", Colonel Romero and Lieutenant Colonel García pointed out at the press conference. In fact, the judicial police observed in the first moments that a neighbor left his house, in front of Luelmo's, carrying "a basket and a blanket"; it was Bernardo Montoya. They asked him about the girl and he answered that he did not know that nobody lived in front of his house. When consulting the criminal record of Montoya, the patrol that ensures that no one enters the house of Laura begins to monitor also the movements of the suspect.

However, Montoya's house is not registered at that time. "The indications that there are are his antecedents, his proximity to the house of the victim, his elusive behavior, his relocation, and the possible concealment of relatives, but this does not suppose a probative load against him, nor a homicide", has explained the lieutenant colonel of the UCO.

The officers have described some of the main milestones of the disappearance. They have detailed that the last message of WhatsApp of Laura Luelmo is to her boyfriend, at 16.22 on the 12th. At 17.20 she makes a purchase in the supermarket. At approximately 18.10, a neighbor sees Bernardo Montoya's car with the trunk open. The Civil Guard believes that in that lapse, from 17.20 to 18.10, is when Montoya sees Laura come with the supermarket bag. "That's when he takes her and forces her into his house."

According to the confession of Bernardo Montoya, he was waiting for her on the street. He had a hot brazier in his hand. When he put Laura in his house, he tied his hands behind him, put a tape in his mouth and threw it on the floor. At that moment he remembered that he had left the brazier on the door, he thought that someone could see it and went out to pick it up.

At that time, always according to the version of Montoya, Luelmo took the opportunity to get up and gave him the kick in the side. "That's why, then, at the health center, that kick hurts," the Civil Guard officers have described. "Then it's when [Montoya] he gets angry and hits her on the ground, "he said. [a Laura], he is afraid, "the officer described, then he put her in the car and took her to the camp, where sexual assault is always carried out, according to the Civil Guard hypothesis.

The officers have called to avoid definitive conclusions. "The autopsy is waiting to analyze many things to determine the time of death.We also have the circumstance that we talk about the Sierra de Huelva, which reaches very low temperatures, which makes the corpse has remained very well", detailed the colonel Romero.

A 'rare' disappearance

According to Romero, Laura Luelmo's father filed a complaint about the disappearance of his daughter and "almost at the same time", the owner of the house where the teacher lived asked them to enter to check if she was inside. The Civil Guard entered the house and did not see "anything strange", detailed the head of the commander, who has commented that the absence of Laura from the first moment was "rare" because he had only a short time in town.

The father and the boyfriend of the victim presented themselves in El Campillo and helped to inspect the house of the teacher to the Civil Guard agents. They missed the sneakers and some tights. That led them to think that the woman had left her home to go walking. "To walk, not to run," said Romero. "Even though it was said that he was going to run, that is not true. By medical prescription he did not use to run, he did not run. Nor was he a person who entered the field. Rather, I was a bit afraid to leave the environment where there are people, "the official clarified.

The Civil Guard found in the registry of the house of Montoya the purchase that Laura had made in the supermarket, with the exception of some potatoes, that the confessed murderer ate later. The lieutenant colonel of the UCO has described him as having a "high degree of impulsiveness". "We consider him to be a disorganized assassin who does not think that investigators can implicate him in the facts," he asserted.


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