The City of Madrid augurs a "judicial battle" with Airbnb

The City of Madrid augurs a "judicial battle" with Airbnb

The general coordinator of the Mayor's Office of Madrid, Luis Cueto, said this Friday in Lisbon that from the consistory augur a "judicial battle" with the rental platform, Airbnb, which they have offered to "talk" after the elections, "win who wins "the elections.

Cueto, who participates in the forum of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Lisbon to discuss the growth of visits to large cities, told Efe that during his speech he has defended that cities share information on the platform of tourist flats .

Madrid is considered one of the paradigmatic cases in the Lisbon meeting due to the regulations that the City Council approved at the end of March and that restricts the use of tourist housing, a measure that will affect 95% of the more than 10,000 officially registered apartments. that effect in the Spanish capital.

"The multinationals do not always give in to the first exchange, they give in when they have no other choice, and in that sense right now we predict that we will have a legal battle, although I have proposed that we sit down to speak after the elections, Win who wins, and try to understand so that it is not a judge who decides what the city is like, but us, "he said.

Cueto defended that the regulations approved in Madrid does not imply "that we are loading the tourist apartments", because it allows them to be shared up to 90 days per year without restrictions.

"We understand that when a person for a month, three months a year shares his house he is not doing hospitality, he is sharing his house, or he who lives in that house throughout the year can rent a room in his house. worries is that Madrid loses houses, "he said.

In this regard, he said, "it is not the same as Airbnb to get half a million people from Madrid to share their home for a few days, to have three or four investment funds buy 2,000 apartments and rent them as if they were residents and they are not, creating a lot of difficulties and emptying the neighborhoods ".

"So I hope other cities copy, hopefully Airbnb does not take us to court, but it feels to negotiate and it is demonstrable that its proclamation of the collaborative economy is sincere, and not pure marketing," he added.


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