Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The City of Guardiola canceled by Pochettino

The City of Guardiola canceled by Pochettino

The first round of the quarterfinal bout between Tottenham and Manchester City was taken by the Spurs. They dealt the first blow, although not definitive, to the "sky blues", which has left Guardiola staggering in the Champions League. The Korean put in advantage to the Pochettino after converting in goal a great pass from Eriksen to the back of Delph, the left side of City on yesterday. A Son ran away from the first control and when it seemed he had missed the occasion, he dominated the ball in the end line, He hit the shot, cut off Delph himself and put the ball in the net defended by Ederson, that maybe he could have done something else in this action.

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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium burst with joy with the final whistle, putting the perfect finishing touch to the European premiere of the new White Hart Lane. The victory of the Pochettino team was not the result of chance and is that his team settled better on the field than those of Guardiola. The duel of slates won the Argentine.

Both teams went out to pressure their rival to prevent a clean and fluid ball out. However, the Tottenham defensive situation was a web for the "citizens" who, in the first time, found many difficulties to find a gap through which to filter a pass in the center of the premises and advance meters. The 4-2-3-1 that Pochettino implemented had as a plan to prevent the reception of the ball by visiting midfielders. Sissoko and Winks worked very well on the marks of Fernandinho and Gundogan, preventing them to receive a ball and connect with their teammates in more advanced positions.

To this is added the work in the bands of They are and of Eriksen, that prevented at the same time, the exit of ball of the lateral ones, Walker and Delph, by the band. The role of the Korean and the Danish was more focused on the surveillance of the wings than defensive aids when the ends of the City received the ball. This was the reef that Guardiola had to look for to have hurt the defense of Tottenham, looking for one against one between the ends and the rival side. Fruit of this arrived the penalty, that did not convert Agüero. Sterling faced Trippier, drew a ball to the center and his shot crashed into Rose's hand.

But the Lloris stop breathed motivation and desire to the locals, who went from looking behind on the scoreboard to start a new game with the draw. In this way, They continued with their work in pressure, Kane and Alli, who tried to prevent Laporte and Otamendi from filtering passes from their position to the midfielders, rather than pressuring them when they had possession of the ball.

The Manchester City was unable to circulate the ball inside and almost, its only resource in the first 45 minutes, it was based on the long ball, situation before which the defenses of Tottenham had the advantage over the visiting strikers. Despite this, the Guardiola showed patients with the ball, a common feature in their game, looking to link passes and find their opportunity throughout the game that, finally did not arrive. The match in the second half opened more and City had plenty of opportunities to settle, with possession of the ball in the opposite field, something that in the first time was almost impossible.

With this tactical approach, the locals disposed of more arrivals to the rival area, with a great game of backs to goal of Kane, who supplied balls to the second line that came from behind. The bad news was the "10" injury. "We hope that Kane is not something serious, because it would be something that would hurt us a lot. I do not think it will come around, it has come on crutches. We will see how it evolves, could lose, even, the season "said Pochettino at a press conference.

The Etihad Stadium will have to push their own to overcome the result against. The ghosts of another defeat in the Champions League reappear at Manchester City. Last year he fell in the quarterfinals against Liverpool, with a 3-0 first leg that was final. Two years ago, he was eliminated in the second round by Monaco (then led by a certain Mbappé), who passed the round with a 3-1 epic in the return, at the Luis II Stadium. In the first leg, City had won 5-3.


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