The City Council of Seville ratifies the sporting use of Sánchez Pizjuán | sports

The City Council of Seville ratifies the sporting use of Sánchez Pizjuán | sports

The possible sale of Seville a chapter has been charged with the decision taken unanimously by the five political groups of the City Council of the Andalusian capital. The Sevillian consistory wanted to send a message of tranquility to the many shareholders and small shareholders of the entity who are concerned about the possibility that the sale of Seville also involves the sale of Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán stadium and the club's sports city, both owned of Seville. Given this possibility, the City Council of Seville has made an institutional declaration in which the current sporting uses of the floors of the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán and the José Ramín Cisneros Sports City are protected. "The City Council of Seville assumes the commitment to maintain the sporting use of the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán and the sports city of Seville, and manifests the municipal opposition to any speculative sale of the same," said the statement.

According to the City Council of Seville, "any purchase of shares whose ultimate purpose is the change of the rating of the land to proceed with its sale is based on an erroneous budget". The decision adopted has been very well in the partners and small shareholders of the entity (around 8% of the total shareholding). The social mass of Sevilla feels very united in a sentimental way to a stadium that opened in 1958 and that was built progressively with the contribution of the club's own members. This decision of the consistory clashes with what was adopted at the last Shareholders' Meeting of the club, where the majority shareholders of the entity decided to reject the stadium and sport city armor proposed by the small shareholders. At that meeting, the fact that the club is for sale before the commitment of the owners to sell their shares is not denied if an offer that satisfies their claims arrives. In recent years there have been numerous purchase offers for Sevilla, which would be sold if it reaches 250 million euros. The Seville club has won five European League tournaments, two Copas del Rey, one European Super Cup and one Spanish Super Cup in the current century. Currently it is the third classified, has played three consecutive editions of the Champions League and has no debt, with about 60 million euros of cash in box.

"The stadium of Seville and its sports city have a sporting use and we ratify it in a forceful way. If someone has an interest in the actions of Sevilla, this aspect should be taken into account. They are untouchable elements and patrimony of an anonymous society, but also a heritage of the heart of the sevillistas ", affirmed Juan Espadas, mayor of Seville. In recent weeks there have been numerous requests by Sevillans to the mayor to make this statement.

This shielding of the use of Sanchez Pizjuán floors makes the speculative sale of them very complicated, which would require the arrival of another government team and a requalification of that land use that currently appears in the General Plan of Urban Planning of Seville .

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