The City Council of Granada withdraws the sculpture 'Carne de vulva' after a complaint by Ciudadanos | Culture

The City Council of Granada withdraws the sculpture 'Carne de vulva' after a complaint by Ciudadanos | Culture

The Faculty of Fine Arts of Granada presented on the morning of this Thursday an exhibition of the work of its students of Sculptural Projects. The sample On the street occupies several buildings, some municipal and one of them is the City Council. There, in the main courtyard, the opening of the exhibition was scheduled for midmorning. And there the work was exposed from the first hour Vulvar meat, a package like those bought in supermarkets that wants to be a plea against the use of women as a sexual object. Representatives of the municipal team of Citizens have seen the work and have urged the withdrawal of the piece as it may hurt the sensitivity of visitors. The organizers have decided to change the sample to another municipal headquarters, a few meters from its original location, to avoid the discomfort of the Citizens group.

"The Town Hall is everyone's house and we have seen that there were dangerous pieces and we believe that, in any case, there must be a control of which pieces are exposed or not. Not everyone thinks of themselves and one's freedom ends where the other begins, "explains Manuel Olivares, responsible for Citizens in the City Council. "In this case, we understood that this piece hurt the sensibility and that it is not proper for the City Council to exhibit such a work, in a place where everyone, including children," said Olivares, who also insisted that the sample had some security problem "and sharp edges". The truth is that at noon, the work of the vulvas had been moved while other metal pieces were still in place.

Both City Hall and the organizers of the show have preferred to be conciliators with the request of Citizens. However, Maria Leyva, councilor of socialist culture, commented that he was surprised "to be offended in Citizens with things like this and not be offended by the agreement between the PP and Vox in which it is already predicted that it will lose out in the fight against the equality of women and men. " The artistic piece, on the other hand, remains in a municipal building, the councilor recalled.

For its part, Elizaberta Lopez, curator of the exhibition has clarified that "simply, and understanding that some sector of the population may feel upset, perhaps due to ignorance and lack of habit, we have chosen to move it to another of the sample spaces " Lopez has insisted that the piece is one of more than 200 exhibited, "works that with so much effort and love have made the students of the faculty", and that the message you want to launch the translated piece is to alert and draw attention to the trafficking and the use of women as a sexual object.


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