October 28, 2020

The City Council of A Corua takes the Fuenlabrada trip to the Fiscala – The Province

He A Coruña City Council plans to undertake legal actions to “purge responsibilities” for the trip of Fuenlabrada, who already detected a positive in his squad last Saturday. The first decision is to go to the Prosecutor’s Office. According to municipal sources, the decision has been made and all that remains is for the City Council’s legal services to define whether a complaint is filed with the Public Ministry or the case is transferred to open proceedings. This way does not mean ruling out another, such as complaints before the court.

The mayor, Inés Rey, who insists that “Soccer players are no different from the rest of the population.” “If a positive had already been detected, why was the entire workforce not isolated? The rules have to be the same for everyone,” he said. King, who recognized that learned of the outbreak “from the press” and not officially, he assured that this situation causes “sanitary damages, but also economic”, because the Finisterre hotel, where the Fuenlabrada is staying and where the staff quarantines by order of the Xunta, has registered cancellations in the last hours.

For the mayor, that the rival of the Sports moving to A Coruña in these circumstances, “constitutes a danger and a risk to public health”, and remembers that the city and its neighbors “strictly comply with the protocols”, hence there have been hardly any cases of Covid-19 since the state of alarm was lifted.

He also asks “why was the team allowed to travel” if he had been in contact with positives. “It is not understandable that a team does not comply with health regulations,” he said, while showing his “indignation and concern” about the situation. “Why did you travel before knowing the results of the PCR?“he said, without answer, and insisted that if she tested positive, all her contacts should be isolated.

The mayor spoke yesterday morning with the president of LaLiga, Javier Thebes, to convey your concern. Also, “Investigating” if players walked around town, after knowing that they did use the La Solana facilities. Inés Rey is also concerned about the situation in which “hotel staff and sports facilities, the drivers of the buses that took us to Fuenlabrada and all the people from A Coruña are now in.”

This is also in agreement with the opposition groups, which have confirmed their support for the local government to demand responsibility for the risk generated for the public health. Through a statement, the PP sympathizes “with all the people affected, especially with the workers of the Finisterre”, while the BNG describes as “extraordinarily serious” that the Fuenlabrada trip has been allowed. “The Council is empowered to act legally with all the consequences,” explains Francisco Jorquera, who also defends that the decision to annul only Deportivo’s game on a unified day “seriously damaged the interests” of the Coruña club.

Thus, the sanitary damages and economic they join the sports, as the Blue and Whites’ entity is mathematically relegated to Second B without jumping onto the field. “The day should not have been disputed to guarantee the health of the players and because Deportivo could not fight for their salvation on the field in the same conditions as the rest, “Inés Rey clarified on her social networks.

Atlantic Tide defends that competition has been “adulterated and the principle of equality has been broken by suspending the party. “” Neither the city nor sportsmanship deserve this, “they summarize in a statement, in which they denounce” the irresponsible health of the League and the FederationMarea hopes that Fuenlabrada will “strictly comply with the confinement measures” and that “a scrupulous control of the contacts maintained by” the players “since their arrival in Alvedro” last Monday will be carried out. To the opposition group It is also concerned that the decline from Dépor to Segunda B, if it occurs, will have “serious economic consequences.” “Many people will lose their jobs and the city will be left without an important external projection,” he regrets.

The PP believes that “the Fuenlabrada should not have traveled without knowing the results of the tests”, which were carried out on Monday morning for players and the coaching staff. Mónica Martínez, from the Mixed Group, assures that “the protocol signed by the Higher Sports Council, the Football League and the Spanish Football Federation has been breached.” “We cannot allow the arrogance of the world of football to jeopardize the health and economy of our city, we must act with all the forcefulness that the law allows us,” says the mayor.

Thus, it will support the Council to undertake “legal measures against the CSD, the League and the Federation for putting health at risk and causing incalculable damage to the city. “” We have experienced situations in which it seems that in the world of soccer anything goes, this time, no, we cannot let it pass. There must be consequences to so much negligence, “summarizes Mónica Martínez.


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