The CIS of Tezanos shoots its budget to a record figure of 11.4 million

The CIS of Tezanos shoots its budget to a record figure of 11.4 million

The Center for Sociological Research reformed under the presidency of José Félix Tezanos will dispose next year of a historical budget of 11.4 million euros, a figure never before handled by this body and that supposes 3,380,000 euros more for the incorporation of new surveys.

The draft General State Budgets (PGE) for 2019 plans to provide the CIS with 11,435,330 euros, almost 30 percent more than the 8,055,120 euros received in 2018, amount on the other hand very similar to those of previous years, with 8,047,620 euros in 2017 or 8,361,510 in 2016, which was also an election year.

The explanation of the spectacular budgetary growth of the CIS lies in the increase in surveys and sociological studies of this body, which will double this year.

According to the budget project itself, the surveys will go from 35 conducted in 2018 to 73 planned throughout 2019; in the year 2017 there were 26 surveys commissioned by the public demographic institute.

The document delivered today in Congress, also remember that in 2019 there will be municipal, regional and European elections, notes possible elections in Andalusia and admits that those in Catalonia are anticipated and even that general elections can be held.

"This cluster of electoral appointments, given that the coincidence of elections to the European Parliament, regional and local elections is infrequent, added to the possible convocation of other elections, produces an extraordinary and unprecedented situation in the past," explains the public accounts project for 2019.

He adds that this implies the realization by the CIS of different studies and polls, "pre and post electoral".

Another factor that influences the increase of its economic endowment, continues the Government, is the increase in the size of the samples for the surveys, looking for that they contribute results "more stable and with a more adjusted margin of error", achieving a greater "reliability" and validity "of the obtained demoscopic results.

In fact, since last August, after Tezanos assumed the presidency of the CIS, this body began monthly dissemination of barometers with vote estimates that were previously distributed quarterly, a practice that will continue in 2019.

The analysis of the allocations awarded for this institute in 2019 shows that of the 3,380,000 euros in increase in its budget, the largest part, 3,212,000, correspond to the "studies and technical works" chapter, which doubles its amount.

This is the section that increases the most with respect to 2018, going from 2,875,310 euros spent on surveys to the 6,087,600 planned now, always according to public accounts for next year.



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