February 24, 2021

The ‘Cinemap Gran Canaria’ platform renews its historical content, extending its time frame until 2010

Andrea Rivero and Patricia Hernández, coordinators of & # 039; CineMap & # 039;

Andrea Rivero and Patricia Hernández, coordinators of ‘CineMap’

The digital platform of the Cinemap project, promoted by the center Gran Canaria Digital Space, adds to its existing content new information resources and documentary material that extend until 2010 the projection of the cinematographic history of the Canary Islands that formulates this dynamic digital application (www.cinemapgrancanaria.com), which everyone has been able to consult for more than a year.

Behind the ‘CineMap Gran Canaria’ initiative there are the historian Patricia Hernández and the art historian Andrea Rivero, the curator, restorer and specialist in preventive conservation of audiovisual materials, Andrea V. Cárdenas, as well as the computer programmer Ibán Fuentes. The application promoted by the cultural center dependent on the Council of Culture of the Cabildo Gran Canaria, values ​​the close relationship between the Canary Islands and the cinema, its history, evolution and impact.

The modifications implemented in this application They respond to the very nature of the project, planned from the beginning as a dynamic initiative, capable of being updated, revised and expanded as new material and historical information on the Canarian audiovisual heritage are discovered that could be added to ‘Cinemap Gran Canaria’ .

The new contents of ‘Cinemap Gran Canaria’ will be presented on February 4, at 12:00 hours, in Gran Canaria Espacio Digital by its coordinators in an event that will be broadcast live through the website of Gran Canaria Facebook Digital Space.

The application collects abundant information on the history of the presence of the Seventh Art in the Canary Islands, which goes back, at least, to the dawn of the last century, offering the public data on actresses and actors, filmmakers of island origin, filmography made in the Canary Islands , images and various documents, among other resources.

According to those responsible for this website, “not only has the content of the existing files on the platform been improved, but new ones have been added, especially in the thematic sections referring to shootings and filmmakers, extending the time frame until 2010 . “This expansion has been carried out especially in the history block, where three new chapters have been created with more recent references to the cinema in the Archipelago, focused mainly on the digital medium, the rise of short films and animated films. , as well as the proliferation of festivals dedicated to the audiovisual medium ”, points out Patricia Hernández.

“On the other hand, the design of the web page has been modified to facilitate its usability, changing the horizontal ‘slider’ for a vertical ‘scroll’, adding a fixed menu at the top, adding a map in the cinemas section and in general simplifying the navigation routes along the same “adds Andrea Rivero.

It should be remembered that ‘Cinemap Gran Canaria’ was one of the projects selected in the framework of the call for cultural projects that Gran Canaria Espacio Digital launched in 2019. Although its gaze pays more attention to the island of Gran Canaria, from the The appearance of the film industry up to the present, also seeks to preserve and disseminate the importance of the legacy of the Canarian audiovisual heritage as a whole.

The time frame offered by ‘Cinemap’ begins in the pre-cinema stage (time before the 19th century) to continue through the origins located in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the decades of growth (20s, 30s and 40s) , period of development corresponding to the 50s, 60s and 70s, until its consolidation and experimentation (from the 80s to 2010).

Both Patricia Hernández and Andrea Rivera are professionally linked to the audiovisual world. Rivera participated in 2018 in the project ‘Crazy about cinema: cataloging private collections of audiovisual material in Gran Canaria’ and, in 2017, with a grant from the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University Foundation, carried out inventory, cataloging and research work in relation to audiovisual heritage in the center of Gran Canaria Espacio Digital. Art historian and anthropologist, Patricia Hernández, is currently working as an audiovisual documentary maker.


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