The cinema maintains its strength in the face of the television invasion

The cinema maintains its strength in the face of the television invasion

Television has been launched with great strength and resources to the conquest of fiction, but despite what many thought, that has not affected the cinema, which in 2018 will reach a global collection of 41,700 million dollars, which means that , in a decade, the films have doubled their collection.

In 2008, the world box office was 20,740 million dollars (9,640 million in the United States and 11,100 million in the rest of the world), while this year it will be 41,700 – with 11,900 in the USA. and 29,800 internationally.

By titles, is "Avengers: Infinity War" the highest grossing film of the year, with 2,048 million dollars worldwide, today, according to the data from the specialized website Box Office Mojo.

A figure that places the last installment of these superheroes as the fourth highest grossing film in history, only surpassed by "Avatar" (2.788 million dollars), "Titanic" (2.187) and "Star Wars: Episode VII – The awakening of the force "(2.068).

In the annual list, "Black Panther" occupies the second position, with 1,346 million, followed by "Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom", with 1,304; "The incredible 2", with 1,242 and "Venom", with 855.

A demonstration of strength of the superhero films, which also ranks among the ten most viewed "Deadpool 2" and "Ant-Man and the Wasp", with "Aquaman" very close to entering that top considering that it only takes a week in the rooms.

Optimistic data for the film industry in a year full of controversy over the films produced by the television platforms, which premiere briefly in theaters only to qualify for the big prizes.

But despite the fact that many of the stars of the moment have gone on television – such as Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams, actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Jim Carrey and Michael Douglas and directors such as David Fincher or Martin Scorsese- , the world of cinema continues to attract viewers.

In the United States alone, the box office of 2018 has grown seven percent this year, with 11.5 billion dollars of revenue, which is expected to reach 11.9 billion on the 31st.

And worldwide there have been 53 films that have exceeded $ 100 million in revenue, including the most surprising success of the year, the "A quiet place", the debut film by John Krasinski, which reached 340 million dollars for a budget of 17.


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