The cinema breaks into the classrooms

The cinema bursts into the classrooms

The cinema bursts into the classrooms

The SREC festival program for the morning session of November 11, directs its gaze towards the classrooms. One thousand two hundred primary and secondary school children from different educational centers in Santa Lucía de Tirajana will participate in the experience 'Cinema with Class' and 'Cinema with Education', which includes the screening of the two documentaries, respectively, 'The music of recycling', by the director Manuel García, and 'The invisible monster', made by the brothers Javier and Guillermo Fesser.

The aforementioned festival organized by the Gran Angular Association with the sponsorship of the Gran Canaria Cabildo, the Santa Lucía de Tirajana city council and the Canary Islands Government, once again insists on education as a transversal axis of its programming. The effects caused this year by The pandemic have forced the organization to propose this appointment that will take place at 12:00 hours, via streaming with the directors of both tapes, who will maintain with the students from each of the classrooms an exchange of impressions after viewing the films.

The first of them, entitled 'The music of recycling', is directed by the producer, director and screenwriter Manuel García Serrano, and inspired by the work of a youth orchestra made up of minors at risk of social exclusion from marginal neighborhoods of Madrid, which They participate in a unique inclusive project supported by the Ecoembes Foundation. Serrano, who was nominated for an Oscar for Best Short Film in 2007 for 'Binta y la gran idea', has directed 'The Little Spanish Family', among other films. This work highlights the importance of caring for the environment through the recycling of materials with which a luthier who is part of the project builds the instruments with which the adolescents of a more than singular orchestra that soaks up the strength of the universal popular songs, launching a motivating message about caring for the environment and the value of second chances.

The second, by the brothers Guillermo and Javier Fesser (directors of 'Champions', among others), 'The invisible monster', is a delicate and moving short film shot in 2019, on the island of Mindanao (Philippines), which addresses from a child's perspective the tragedy of childhood hunger. The Fesser brothers moved to one of the areas of the world hardest hit by the climate crisis and for more than five decades of conflict to shoot this work, which aims to raise awareness about chronic malnutrition that affects 149 million children in the world.

Screenings continue

It should be remembered that the 16th edition of the SREC festival, which this year takes place under the name 'Cinema and Commitment', takes place with the public and for free at the Víctor Jara theater, although all those who wish to enjoy the sessions planned in your program, you must remove the invitations for each of them on the portal

On the 11th, at 8:00 p.m., the night will begin in the aforementioned cultural space with the musical selection proposed by Dj's Hanky ​​Panky. Then, at 8:30 p.m., the official session of the short films included in the program begins: 19 Canarian films produced in Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma, and in which the drama is mixed ('Adentro', by Juanjo Neris, 'Bucle', by Conchy Delgado, 'Ocean', by Feliciano Pérez, 'Bratva', by García Rodríguez, or 'Clepta Animarum', by Abreu and Romero) with the documentary genre ('Lost of love', by Hernández Rodríguez, 'Casa de oro', by Marta Torrecilla, 'But how do you think of taking drums to Africa?', By Zorrilla and Pascual or 'Hypocampus', by Susana Moyano), experimental fiction ('Hot summer', by García y Brito or 'El fantasma sagrado', by Fernando Alcántara) or comedy ('La farola', by Castro and Hernández or 'Guiño, wino, smile', by Isaí Escalada), among other records.


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