April 10, 2021

The Church receives a record number of taxpayers, but loses support in Catalonia

The Church receives a record number of taxpayers, but loses support in Catalonia

Thanks to the fact that a certain economic recovery has been perceived, the amount that the Spanish Church has received in 2018 through the allocations of the taxpayers has grown. Not only that, but it is the highest figure raised since the beginning of the current tax allocation system dating back to 2007. In total, the Church has received from taxpayers 267,834,192 million euros, 11.6 million more than in the previous year. However, the number of people who have marked the X in their favor has dropped. But it is not a sign of alarm, since it has been a very light descent, only 0.24%. The deputy secretary of Economic Affairs of the EEC, Fernando Giménez Barriocanal, blames it, in part, on the increase of 129,000 people who have not marked any of the two boxes, neither that of the Church nor that of social purposes. It is, above all, new taxpayers.

Given these data, the assessment of the Deputy Secretary of Economic Affairs is "moderate satisfaction", because "there is still much to be done". However, when asked if they anticipated these good results taking into account the delicate moment the Church is living on the issue of abuse, Barriocanal acknowledged that satisfaction is complete because "many might think that the tax allocation to the Church had fallen "

By communities, Catalonia is the one that records the greatest loss of taxpayers in favor of the Church. Specifically, there were 17,119 fewer assignments than in the previous year. Something that could perhaps be interpreted as a punishment on the part of the Catalan population to the Church for not having shown a more resounding position in favor of the unity of Spain after the 1-0, nor impose any punishment on the group of religious independents who showed themselves publicly in favor of secession.

The Church lost taxpayers also in Guipuzcoa (-8.948), Navarra (-4.199), Castilla y León (-2.929), Aragón (-2.108) and Asturias (-183).


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