August 8, 2020

The Church of Ecuador calls for a political truce and greater action against the coronavirus

The Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference demanded a “political truce” on Wednesday and demanded from society and the Government greater action to confront the health crisis derived from the spread of COVID-19 contagion.

The Ecuadorian bishops “demand that parties, movements, union organizations, social, economic and political influence actors, in the name of God and of our suffering people due to the effects of COVID-19, cease the confrontation and leave their interests aside. individuals “.

“The political truce is urgent and national unity an imperative,” the Episcopate said in a statement released today on social networks.

Likewise, he asked the government of President Lenín Moreno “to implement all the necessary actions, such as infrastructure, medicines and sanitary equipment, to attend promptly and efficiently to the requirements of people infected by the coronavirus.”

“The Ecuadorian families live moments of anguish, pain, anxiety, uncertainty due to the proliferation of the pandemic,” a situation that requires “urgent and timely attention from all”, adds the text of the Church.

In addition, he asked society “to strengthen unity and solidarity to respond, with concrete actions, to the needs of this people who love life and assist their brothers in high-risk situations.”

The statement, signed by the Presidential Council of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference, appealed to the faith of Ecuadorians to overcome the damage caused by the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

The pronouncement of the Church came at a time when social networks critical of the government’s management have proliferated to face the spread of the contagion of the disease, whose epidemiological curve continues to grow.

According to the last official report, in Ecuador 98 people died from COVID-19, 2,758 positive patients of the disease and 3,428 suspected cases.

The coastal province of Guayas is the most affected with 1,941 positive cases, followed by Pichincha with 278, Los Ríos (100) and Azuay (94).


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