"The Church could have said something nice, it makes me sad"

The artists C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso have spoken after the resignation of the dean of the Cathedral of Toledo for the video clip that the two artists recorded in different spaces of the temple.

The video clip of discord: quarrel between the archbishop and the dean of the cathedral of Toledo by C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso

The video clip of discord: quarrel between the archbishop and the dean of the cathedral of Toledo by C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso

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"He has taken us by surprise, we are saddened, I suppose he knows better than anyone how the Church works and he knew what was happening," commented C. Tangana in an interview for Billboard Latin.

The dean, Juan Miguel Ferrer, was the one who authorized the recording of the video 'Ateo' by C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso. The controversy was generated last Friday, as a result of the publication of the video, which It has caused the confrontation between the top of the Toledo Church. The video clip also generated criticism from the faithful, who came to summon a collective prayer at the doors of the temple to achieve 'reparation' for what happened.

"It makes me sad because it was an opportunity to say something nice, modern and tolerant on the part of the Church. Suddenly, it has not turned out that way," said C. Tangana.

C. Tangana assures that the idea of ​​the video was to compare the censorship of social networks with "other classic forms of censorship, such as that of the Church." "In the end, I thought we were more modern than we are," says 'El Madrileño'.

Both artists wanted to clarify that their intention was not to offend. Nathy Peluso has said that the video is made with "love" and that they were not trying to "disrespect or trigger the resignation" of anyone.

Controversial scenes in the Cathedral

The video clip of Discord is titled 'Atheist'. Controversial scenes are added to the sensual dances with which both interpret the work, such as, for example, that of Nathy Peluso naked raising the decapitated head of C. Tangana as a trophy, or that of the Madrid artist holding the Argentine composer by the hair. .

In the first instance, Dean Ferrer did not give importance to the images and argued in a statement that the story of the song represents a "conversion through human love." Despite acknowledging the "provocative" of the video, he also assured that "it does not affect faith," he said.

Minutes later, his words were overruled by the archbishop. Francisco Cerro Chaves asked "humbly and sincerely for forgiveness to all the lay faithful, consecrated persons and priests, who have felt justly hurt by this improper use of a sacred place."


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