Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

The Chunguitos say goodbye to the contest

Juan Y Jose Salazar, popularly known as The Chunguitos, are the new expelled from
MasterChef Celebrity
. In the fifth gala, the singers have cooked the worst dishes and have also starred in an unprecedented expulsion: chefs they have expelled Juan Salazar and before the departure of his brother, Joseph He has also decided to leave.

The fifth night of the fourth edition of
MasterChef Celebrity
It has been frantic. For the first time, Boris Izaguirre Y Anabel Alonso They have participated in a gala this season from start to finish and both have stood out in the first two events. The actress has triumphed in the team test and in the ‘mysterious box’, the Venezuelan writer has been the best, achieving a pin of decisive immunity.

The two contestants have been the captains of the blue and red team, respectively, in the outdoor test. It has been held in the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía from Valencia and has had the presence of Raphael, which hours later would offer a concert. It has been the most equalized team test of this edition and finally the blue team, led by Anabel Alonso, has been the winner.

“Today we have made history. For the first time, a diner has asked to repeat dish ”

For its part, the red team, led by Boris Izaguirre, has been the one that has presented more difficulties, although it has saved the food by desserts. After finishing the service, both teams have received great news: as they have assured Samantha, for the first time a diner has asked to repeat dish. This has been his own Raphael, who has also been interviewed by Pepe Rodríguez

Raphael has been the guest of the outdoor test of the gala 5 of 'MasterChef Celebrity

Raphael has been the guest of the outdoor test of the gala 5 of 'MasterChef Celebrity'

With his defeat Los Chunguitos, Tamara Falcó, Juan Avellaneda Y Vicky Martín Berrocal They have played their continuity in the expulsion test. Boris Izaguirre I also had to do it but thanks to the immunity pin achieved in the first test, he has managed not to participate in a final test where he has cooked Santiago Segura, who has returned to the set of
MasterChef Celebrity
For one night.

The elimination test has had three parts – cooking a fried egg, a French omelette and making a poached egg – and there has been a contestant who has not done any good: Juan Salazar. The chefs they have not doubted that he had to be expelled and after this decision, and to the surprise of the contestants and the jury itself, Jose Salazar He has announced his abandonment, ensuring that "we are always together."

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