March 5, 2021

The Christmas Lottery Prize 2018 Prizes

The Christmas Lottery Prize 2018 Prizes

The Spaniards faced the end of the year with the illusion of finishing it with a tenth prize in the lottery of Christmas Lottery that takes place on December 22. The presentation of the classic announcement of the Christmas Lottery encourages everyone to approach the Lottery administration to acquire tenths. From there, making plans with what we could do if we get the prize is common. But do we know how much we get if it touches us?

The Fat Prize: the most desired

If you get the Gordo you can count on 400,000 euros (not counting what the Treasury takes). In the case of being graced with the second prize, the loot is 125.00 euros per tenth, with the third prize; 50,000 euros, the fourth; 20,000 euros and the fifth prize; 6,000 euros.

The stone is awarded a thousand euros the series, ie 100 euros the tenth and being sung this year to 1,749 times is the most likely to have you touch. Finally and as a consolation we have the refund for which you will charge what you paid (20 euros).


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