The Christmas campaign will bring the smallest increase in job creation of the last decade

The Christmas campaign will bring the smallest increase in job creation of the last decade


The bonus in terms of employment for this Christmas campaign, according to a study conducted by Adecco, will consist of the signing of around 1,034,000 contracts of the so-called "make available", which will represent 4.5% more than in the same period a year ago between this month of November and the next month of January. From this company of human resources have valued these estimates as positive, although «Represents the smallest increase for this campaign of the last decade» and, in his opinion, reflects "a slight brake" in the creation of employment.

However, they added that it is expected that the duration of the contracts is superior to that of previous years since they have pointed out that the campaign will start in November with the discounts of Black Friday 2018 ("Black Friday") and Cyber ​​Monday, and will last until January, including the sales at the beginning of the year. In particular, according to Adecco's estimates, 15% of the hirings may be extended the following months of 2019.

Regarding the geographical distribution of the Christmas campaign, one year Catalonia will be the autonomous community that makes the most hirings, above 186,000, which will mean an interannual increase of 5%. After it, the Community of Madrid will be located, with almost 156,000 contracts, and the Valencian Community, with almost 136,000 exchanging their posts with respect to last year's study. Specific, Madrid will have one of the highest year-on-year increases in the campaign, with 6%, while Valencia It will be 5%. Between the three mentioned autonomies they agglutinate practically half of the hirings that will be made in these three months.

Sectors and key profiles

The sectors where new jobs will be created will be, mainly, in mass consumption, customer service and sales. The latter expects a reinforcement in hiring up to 75% compared to the rest of the months of the year. From Adecco have explained that many companies depend on up to 40% of their turnover of how consumers behave during this period. In terms of profile, the most sought after will be those of promoter, dependents, point of sale managers, sales managers or telephone sales managers, among others.

The Adecco Report has also indicated that other sectors where there will also be increases in staff will be in the food, distribution and retail. In addition to e-commerce, high perfumery and cosmetics; as well as electronics, toy activity, image and sound, banking or hospitality, especially in the central weeks of the campaign. For all this, positions will be offered for order pickers, forklift trucks, warehouse waiters, food handlers, waiters, cooks, operators, drivers or delivery people.

What companies will ask

The commercial vocation, customer orientation and sales, as well as proactivity, will be the main requirements of companies to candidates. Similarly, se will assess previous experience in a similar position or having done some sales and commercial techniques course. In particular, according to the human resources company, the characteristics that most companies demand are the proactivity to distinguish and highlight the characteristics of the product in a short space of time, a fast learning curve - «the campaign takes place in a very limited period of time »-, a commercial attitude that moves to the entire point of sale and the ability to reach the largest number of customers.

Also in the most tourist areas, they have added since Adecco, comes into play the knowledge of languages in customer service, hospitality and tourism positions. Similarly, it is also demanding "increasingly specialized profiles" in electronics, small household appliances, computers or dermocosmetics. "With what the specific training or previous experience in these areas reach a plus of employability in the face of who hires", have pointed from the company Human Resources.


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