May 16, 2021

The choteo of the Golden Globes promotes the Oscar for 'Roma' | Culture

The choteo of the Golden Globes promotes the Oscar for 'Roma' | Culture

The Golden Globes they were never a thermometer of anything, beyond the tastes of a handful of voters (in this edition they have been 88) influenced by the privileges that the rest of the year receive from Hollywood studios. So the triumph in the 76th edition of Bohemian Rhapsody, of Bryan Singer -Name that was not heard during the ceremony-, a laudatory film about a fascinating figure, the leader of The Queen Freddie Mercury, that on the screen has been filed, without almost edges, it is still a joke. And a little more. The movie has worked very well at the box office all over the world above expected, of course, with 750 million euros but little else.

Sacha Baron Cohen had long struggled to bring Mercury to the screen, and abandoned the effort when he realized that they would only let him star in a sweetened version of the musician. From its director, Bryan Singer, little is known: Bohemian Rhapsody there is no sign on the screen of the narrative force of Summer of corruption or Habitual suspects, and was removed from filming shortly before its end in the face of accusations of sexual relations with minors. In the Golden Globes, nobody has remembered him. If the most popular movie Oscar initiative had been maintained, Black Panther a hard opponent would have come out. As for its protagonist, Rami Malek, effectively, he gives the hit as Mercury. But that is an imitation, not an interpretation.

To show its lack of relevance, last year, when Guillermo del Toro only won the Globe for the best direction. And at the end of the awards season the winner was his The shape of water The way of Rome It seems clear to a triumph never before obtained: to win at the Oscars double film and foreign-language film at the Oscars. If it was not for…

If it was not for Green Book Another of the Golden Globes follies is that the producers decide in which category to present the films: in drama they were Bohemian Rhapsody Y A star has been born (who has taken the great zasca of the night, leaving Lady Gaga with a only prize, the best song, and giving, to the detriment of the singer, Glenn Close the best actress for the flat and failed The good wife).

Voting for Oscar nominations starts today and closes next Monday, so A star has been born It has gone very badly overnight stop at the The Beverly Hilton hotel. In the category of comedy or musical they found their refuge a kind film, The vice of power, and a fascinating irreverent historical film, The favourite, from the Greek Giorgos Lanthimos. Both have won awards for their protagonists, clearly highlighted in the Oscar race: Christian bale (Huge speech, with quotations to Satan, who seemed altered by the drink that had disappeared from the bottles of his table) and Olivia Colman. Remains Green Book, with its message of peace and union among ethnic groups in the United States. If African-American Spike Lee points to whites and tells them how racist they have been and still can be Infiltrated in the KKKlan, Peter Farrelly bet on a climate of understanding and harmony before major evils (Trump?). The whites can also be benevolent in these times of interracial clashes.

From the New Hollywood with Coppola or Scorsese, no generation had marked the whole industry as it happens today with Cuarón, Del Toro and González Iñárritu

Green Book it does not surpass the category of good film that lodges a remarkable work, the one of Viggo Mortensen. And another year would have been a worthy title companion to the winners of the season. Now it has more possibilities if the voters do not surrender to the evidence: Rome, of Alfonso Cuaron, stands out in this squad. He has taken the awards to better foreign direction and film (not being in English could not enter drama). The Mexican filmmaker is in a position to get one of the few records that remain immaculate in the Oscars: that of winning at the same time in film and foreign language film. There have been films that have triumphed in the second category and at the same time were candidates for the first (Z, Life is beautiful, Love). However, nobody has obtained the doublet. Because of lack of opponents and on their own merits, Rome will win All that's needed is for Hollywood academics to look at that and not in Spanish and mixteco or that is produced by a digital platform. What if Cuarón raises five statuettes: film, direction, screenplay, photography and foreign-language film? From the New Hollywood with Coppola, Scorsese or Friedkin, no generation had marked the whole industry as it happens today with the three Mexican friends: Cuarón, Del Toro and González Iñárritu.

Final return to the Golden Globes. The summary was made by Bill Murray, who assured from the stage that the best of that gala was … and pointed to a giant golden glass of champagne Moët & Chandon. Good luck to him On the other side of the televisions, nobody could enjoy the bubbles and choke on a boring and incoherent ceremony.


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