The Chirino Foundation organizes the seminar ‘The rose of the winds’ – La Provincia

The Martín Chirino Foundation dedicates a seminar to The rose of the winds, a magazine so full of ideas, that despite having a short existence it was not without controversy. As a sample button, it is worth noting that the importance of this publication lies in the fact that it was the first collective concretion of the Canarian avant-gardes, a role in which it preceded Art gazette, considered the culmination of the avant-garde experience in the islands.

Its main architects were Juan Manuel Trujillo, Agustín Espinosa and Ernesto Pestana Nóbrega, and although it was an eminently literary publication, it should not be forgotten that the painting had a certain presence in its pages. In this regard it is necessary to remember the review that Juan Manuel Trujillo made of an important book as Magical realism of the historian, art critic and German photographer Franz Roh, which had such an impact that he played a fundamental role in the training of the students of the Luján Pérez School, and also of the works of Ernesto Pestana Nóbrega on Maruja Mayo and Juan Gris.

For all this it is significant that the first and only Manifesto of the Rose of the Winds it would not be published in the magazine itself, but in several Canarian newspapers when the publication had already taken its last issue.

With such an admirable curriculum, it was normal for activities about this magazine to lead to a seminar that will analyze its history for three days.

Today, at 20.00 the first conference, entitled The wind and the roses. A review of the Rose of the Winds magazine, in which Lázaro Santana will analyze this publication as an eminently literary magazine, as well as its function in the Canary avant-garde. He will also review the background of the avant-garde in the islands by placing them in Alonso Quesada to focus later on the relationship of the magazine with the Luján Pérez School.

Tomorrow at the same time, Carlos Álvarez will give the conference entitled Heading for the avant-garde: universalism / cosmopolitanism, which will analyze the five issues that were published in the magazine, the reactions caused by its appearance and the debate raised within it between the universalism proposed by Juan Manuel Trujillo and the cosmopolitanism advocated by Eduardo Westerdahl with its convergences and dissent.


Finally on March 13, the conference entitled Juan Manuel Trujillo and friendship in which Chicha Reina will make an exhibition of the figure of this essayist, editor and printer from Tenerife, promoter of the Canarian culture between the stage of the avant-garde and the postwar period, and one of the main drivers of the magazine, with whom he maintained a close friendship relationship.

In short, an opportunity to learn about the important role this publication played in the Canarian culture.


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