June 18, 2021

The Chinese community in Panama celebrates its New Year with hopes of prosperity

The populous Chinese community of Panama celebrated this Saturday with the colorful Lion Dance the arrival of the Chinese New Year, the most important traditional holiday of the lunisolar calendar, based on the phases of the sun and the moon, according to which the year 4.718 begins with The symbol of the Rat.

The Chinatown, located very close to the peaceful Bay of Panama, in the capital, was filled with smoke and roar of firecrackers while performing the Lion Dance, one of the most traditional of Chinese culture and looking Bring good luck and fortune.

The streets and businesses of the Chinatown dawned adorned with red, with offerings of tangerine, Chinese cabbage and spikes of rice at the step of the dancing lion, which to the rhythm of drums and saucers and in the middle of deafening noise of the firecrackers picked them up with their snout and then enter the shops and tour them in order to give them prosperity.

And prosperity is what the Chinese community is sure it will receive in this year of the Rat, according to the symbol of the Chinese horoscope, which begins this January 25 and will run until February 12, 2021, several merchants told Efe.

In the Chinese horoscope, the Rat is the first sign and marks the beginning of a new 12-year energy cycle, that is, the year of the Rat marks the beginning of a new cycle that brings the possibility of leaving behind all the negative of the past and activate new energies, according to Chinese tradition.

The Chinese community of Panama, which began to establish itself in the mid-1800s attracted by the construction of the railroad, is considered one of the most populous in Central America, and represents about 4% of the population according to the official data available (2003).

Its influence in the commercial sector is very remarkable and solid. After the establishment of diplomatic relations between Panama and China in June 2017, business ties have been strengthened, and large Chinese consortia are in charge of works such as the new convention center from the capital and the fourth bridge over the Interoceanic Canal.


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