The Chinese community distributes masks and disinfectant to the Getafe Police

A group of Asian citizens have approached the police station doors today to give them boxes of gloves and protective material, which the agents no longer had.

A group of Chinese nationals approached the National Police station of Getafe (Madrid) a few hours ago to deliver them boxes of masks, gloves and a bottle of disinfecting alcohol to stop the spread of the coronavirus. "These are masks and there are gloves underneath", explains the young man who hands him the box. "And this is alcohol," says the woman who accompanies him. "If we have more, we will bring more", Add.

The gesture has been widely applauded by the agents, who have shown their appreciation because it is Material that is already scarce in many police stations and in others, directly, is not left because the Police are unable to supply all the police units and many agents are taking it to their homes, from what they have been able to provide relatives, merchants or neighbors of the neighborhood, as is the case of these Chinese citizens. They, who know what has happened in their country of origin, know better than anyone the importance of taking these precautionary measures. In fact, Most Chinese-run grocery stores were the first to close this week, several days before the other traders and before it was mandated by decree.


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