The chilling confession of the man who killed 90 women

The chilling confession of the man who killed 90 women

An American imprisoned for murder is being investigated by the FBI after confess to being behind 90 murders for four decades, which would make him one of the greatest serial killers in the history of the country.

Samuel Little, 78 years olds, he is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of three people, although his name appears in an FBI program in connection with a series of unsolved murders across the country.

In the wake of one of these murders, FBI analysts went to talk to the man and, during the interview, gave details about murders in several states. The murders took place between the seventies and 2005.

The investigators have confirmed 34 of these confessed murders, according to the authorities, while the rest are awaiting confirmation, as reported by the US television network CNN.

The victims: marginalized women

The FBI has pointed out that Little murdered mainly marginalized or vulnerable women, often associated with prostitution to drug addicts, while confirming that man remember in great detail the murders.

"It's scary the clarity it has on certain things after all this time. Remember names and faces, "detective Michael Mongeluzzo told The New York Times. The man gained the confidence of the women, beat them, abused them and strangled them to death, according to sources quoted by the newspaper. The man used his strength so unreasonably that one of his victims that he hit in the abdomen suffered a broken spine.

Little has been in custody since September 2012, when he was arrested at a homeless shelter in Kentucky, from where he was transferred to California, where he was wanted on drug-related charges. His record already included cases of rape and armed robbery.

The DNA tests subsequently corroborated his relationship with three unsolved murders in Los Angeles County between 1987 and 1989 and he was sentenced to three life sentences without the possibility of parole.



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