The Chilean Church sends to the Prosecutor's Office the background of a priest after reporting abuses

The Chilean Church sends to the Prosecutor's Office the background of a priest after reporting abuses

The Catholic Church of the northern Chilean city of Calama confirmed today that it delivered the "necessary background" to civil justice, after receiving a complaint of sexual abuse against a minor that occurred in 2003 by the presbyter Jordi Jorba Navarro.

According to a statement released on Tuesday, on July 5 of this year it was publicly announced that in the Diocese of San Juan Bautista de Calama, 1,564 kilometers north of Santiago, a complaint was received for sexual abuse of the aforementioned religious , who exercised his ministry in the Assumption of the Virgin parish of that city.

The text adds that after completing the stages of investigation, the bishop of this diocese, Óscar Blanco Martínez, determined that these records were sent and made available to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, based in Rome, which must pronounce itself on the background of this investigation.

During this period, the priest will be suspended from his pastoral duties as well as from the public celebration of religious services.

On the other hand, the respective records were made available to the local Prosecutor's Office.

The statement concludes that "the Church of Calama reaffirms its absolute commitment to truth and justice, in the conviction that, with this attitude, it helps to heal the wounds caused by abuse, sexual, power and conscience on the part of some consecrated ones ".

According to a cadastre published by the Chilean National Prosecutor's Office at the end of August, there are currently 119 investigations in progress against 167 persons related to the Church and 178 victims quantified, 79 of whom were minors when the events occurred.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of seven Chilean bishops, after last May the 34 bishops of the country presented their resignation en bloc to the pontiff in the Vatican after acknowledging that they had committed "serious errors and omissions" .


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