The Chilean Church forbids priests to touch genitals to children and kiss them in the mouth | Society

The Chilean Church forbids priests to touch genitals to children and kiss them in the mouth | Society

The Chilean Prosecutor's Office is pursuing a historic criminal case for abuses against minors committed by members of the Church. It keeps 126 investigations open, although the number increases with the hours thanks to the raids of the offices of the Catholic institution in different parts of the country. The inquiry reaches 221 priests and eight bishops. Prosecutors not only seek to determine the responsibility of the perpetrators of sexual crimes, but point to the hierarchy of the Chilean clergy to cover them up. The oldest investigated priest is 90 years old. The majority of abusers are men, 210. So far, 245 victims have been counted, most of them men between 11 and 15 years of age. Among the foreign religious investigated for sexual abuse are eight Spaniards, three Italians, three Colombians, two Irish, one Bolivian, one Peruvian, one Filipino and one Korean. Abel Pérez, a 71 year old Marist brother, Spanish, has the highest number of victims: at least 16.

"Since I arrived at school to the fifth grade, a group of religious began to mark me. I came to believe as a child that I had been chosen and that it belonged not to my parents or to myself, but to my abusers. I do not know how I did it to survive, "says doctor Jaime Concha about what he lived while studying at the Alonso de Ercilla Institute in the Chilean capital: attempted masturbation, touching, forced kissing and rape. "Abel Pérez was my main abuser, the most systematic. Like all sexual predators, in the public was reserved, intelligent, disciplined, but in the private was transformed, attacked and transferred the guilt. 'Look what you made me do,' he told me. " The Marist Brother, who began teaching mathematics in 1974, was transferred 15 times from place to place and until 2010 was in contact with children and adolescents. When he confessed to the crimes he committed for decades, he was expelled from the congregation last June and is imputed for justice.

According to the regional prosecutor Raul Guzman, who investigates the abuses committed by Marists, the cause is the largest extension of those known so far in the country: "It has about 25 accused and about fifty victims, nine years onwards. We have complaints from 1967 to 2017. " According to the prosecutor, "that some victims make these facts visible has motivated others to denounce and request that it be investigated. The right to know the truth is not subject to the rules of prescription. "


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