August 7, 2020

The child prodigy leaves the university for a dispute between his parents and the center

The child prodigy of nine yearsthe Belgian Laurent Simons, known for his plans finish the electrical engineering career in nine months, instead of in three years, announced Tuesday that he is leaving the Dutch university where he was studying for a dispute between their parents and the center.

In a message on Instagram, the young man explained that, after promising that he could get his degree before his tenth birthday -December 26-, TU Eindhoven University sent you an email stating that teachers have to adjust the learning schedule so they can graduate in mid-2020, nine months later than promised.

As an argument, the Dutch university center ensures that the young need more time to develop the skills that belong to the final phase of the study, such as "understanding, creativity and critical analysis", and that the opposite would be "excessive pressure" on this child, who is only nine years old.

But the young accuses the university of "lying a lot", because everything was already "scheduled to end in December" and to be able to graduate in engineering, but, according to the local press, Alexander Simons adds, the center "wants to keep Laurent there for longer" and his son must think now "in his career".

The parent, who has given several interviews in recent months putting his son at the center of media attention, says they are already negotiating with other universities Dutch so that the little one can enroll and finish the engineering career as soon as possible.

"We were told that with that media attention we put too much pressure on our son and, if we continue like this, we would have to do a psychiatric exam to Laurent," says Alexander Simons.

In addition, in statements to the newspaper “Het Parool”, Add that the university has accused his son of "plagiarism" and that "he would also have suspended an oral exam, which Laurent had not even done", and that was what led him to talk to the rector before removing his son from the program.

In a statement, the university only says that there was a disagreement with parents about the planned schedule and he extends his hand to the child if “he changes his mind, because he will always be welcome to finish his education”, ensuring that “even if he obtains his university degree in mid-2020, that would be, in all aspects, an extraordinary time”.

“A faster schedule is not feasible and is unfavorable for Laurent's academic development. As a university, we have spent a great deal of time customizing (the program) to facilitate a quick study path. This has required a large investment by teachers and employees, who are already facing a heavy workload, ”he adds. EFE

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