The child of the balls | TV

The child of the balls | TV

It is not a rude way of referring to a plasta boy. The boy with the balls is a viral character, a boy of thirteen, and the balls are, of course, metaphorical. Adrián Beovides is the only minor of his council. Because, when La Sexta went to do a story to his people, they asked him if he did not miss playing with other kids: "I am very comfortable alone", he answered, "so nobody touches my balls".

Did not count poor Adrian with the tentacular ability of television to touch the genitals and any part of the body to everyone who spends a few seconds in front of a camera. Media Spain has been touching for days with memes and jokes.

Adrián summed up spontaneously and forcefully a feeling very common in empty Spain: the desire to be left alone. Something in principle contradictory with another desire that expresses a lot these days: that of being listened to. Can you protest at the same time because they do not listen to you and because they do it to you? By supposeísimo. The Adrianes from Spain they are tired of being the chufla of the country, of dressing up as the umpteenth incarnation of Paco Martínez Soria or of being reduced, in the best of cases, to an ethnographic curiosity or to a folkloric and entertaining typism. They want them to listen to them, but to leave them alone if the case they are going to do in the media is that.

In recent times a lot of literature has been published on both rural memory and the present of the Spanish countryside. They are excellent books that try to understand a part of the country complex, rich, suffering, forgotten and dignified, very distant from the topic. Authors such as María Sánchez, Marc Badal, Rafael Navarro de Castro and Virginia Mendoza, to name a few, open the doors to worlds full of characters who do not want anything to touch them and who do not let themselves be reduced to a television cartoon.


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