The Chief of the Border Patrol warns that the US southern border it is overflowing

The head of the United States Border Patrol, Kevin McAleenan, warned on Wednesday of a "critical point" in the southern border of the country in the absence of resources to manage the growing arrival of migrants.

From El Paso (Texas), one of the hottest border points, McAleenan acknowledged that his agents are overflowing and that they are releasing "reluctantly" immigrants arrested after making superficial checks on their background.

The country's highest-ranking border official said that this is the "only" option that his agency has before the massification of its commissars and detention centers for immigrants with Central American asylum seekers.

That is why in places like El Paso, improvised processing centers have been set up where overcrowding prevents the usual process from being carried out, which is arresting the new arrivals, handing them over to the immigration authorities (ICE) and putting bracelets on them. or electronic shackles to know their location before releasing them.

At present, the Border Patrol has 13,000 immigrants in its custody. "4,000 is a high number, 6,000 is crisis level, 13,000 is unprecedented," explained McAleenan.

He also revealed that 4,100 people were arrested on Tuesday, a record number on the border in more than a decade, and that March will probably end with more than 100,000 arrests, something that has not been seen for more than 10 years.

"That critical point has arrived this week: the Border Patrol faces an unprecedented humanitarian and security crisis across its southern border," said McAleenan, noting that the number of arrivals increases month by month.

The Border Patrol chief also warned that many of the immigrants arrive sick after long and exhausting journeys and that they "fear a tragedy" in their facilities.

"With these numbers, with this type of disease that we are seeing on the border, I am afraid it is only a matter of time," he said.

In recent months, at least four immigrants have died in the custody of the Border Patrol, two of them children aged 7 and 8.


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