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The Chewing Gum, to the parents of Diana Quer: "If I could turn back I would do it" | Society

The Chewing Gum, to the parents of Diana Quer: "If I could turn back I would do it" | Society

Juan Carlos Quer (d), father of Diana Quer, observes José Enrique Abuín, alias el Chicle (i), during a new session of his trial for abduction this Thursday in Santiago de Compostela. On video, the final allegation of the accused.

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The author confessed to the death of Diana Quer, José Enrique Abuín Gey, aka The gum, has taken advantage of his last word in the trial for the attempted abduction and attempted sexual assault of a girl from Boiro (A Coruña), to apologize to the family of the young Madrid, who strangled in 2016. "If I could go back more than two years I would," he said, "but I can not." "I'm sorry for what happened", he has said in a broken voice, "I did not have the shape in his time, I could not". Then he tried to formulate another phrase: "I want to tell the family of the girl from Madrid ...". But the president of the court, José Manuel Rey, has cut him off sharply, as he had previously silenced Diana's father, Juan Carlos Quer, who rose from his seat at the end of the hearing to say aloud: "I want to testify that my daughter is here present. "

The magistrate has reminded the two that this is another case and in it should be treated only the facts prosecuted. However, during the two sessions that this trial lasted, the references to the investigation of the death of Diana Quer have been constant, because until they separated in the courts, the investigations ran together in the hands of the Civil Guard and the case of Boiro precipitated the resolution of the disappearance of Diana in A Pobra do Caramiñal. Juan Carlos Quer, among the public, has also heard on the first day the audio of the assault that the victim of Boiro accidentally recorded with his WhatsApp; the anguished plea of ​​the woman and the threats of El Chicle. And researchers believe that the attack on Diana was practically the same.

The chewing gum has also used his turn to shed with order and detail all, in his words, "lies" of the Civil Guard agents who have testified at the trial, which began on Wednesday and that this Thursday has been seen for sentencing in the sixth section of the Audiencia of A Coruña, based in Santiago. "One day I will tell the whole truth, but I will do it when I get out of prison," he warned before asking for forgiveness from Diana Quer's family.

During the session this Thursday, agents of the Crimes against Persons of the Civil Guard team from A Coruña They have explained how they studied the parallels between the rape reported by the accused's sister-in-law in 2005, the disappearance of Diana Quer in 2016 Y the attempted abduction of a young woman in Boiro a year later, object of this trial. Each criminal usually maintains "unalterable patterns" to commit "the same crime", such as a sexual assault, they said. And in the case of the attack on T., the last victim before his arrest on December 29, 2017, Abuin chose the same vehicle. The silver Alfa Romeo of his wife was perfect for a kidnapping, the agents explained, because his trunk is large and tight, that is, totally isolated from the passenger cabin. So the victim, if he tried to escape, could not access the pilot's area while he was driving.

Until the night before the attack on his last victim, committed on December 25, according to the readers of Traffic (placed on the motorways) who already watched him by the Case Quer, the defendant used the Audi that had been purchased in March. The 24 "linked with three girls", say the agents of A Coruña, but took the new car, the family A4 with trunk separated from the cabin by a simple folding tray. The next day he decided to change the car on behalf of his wife for his night out.

This Thursday have also declared several psychologists who have treated T. from the moment he suffered the attack on Christmas 2017 in a street in Boiro (A Coruña). The post-traumatic stress resulting from the assault on El Chicle has not subsided over time and continues to require three sessions of psychotherapy per month, in addition to treatment with anxiolytics.

T. suffers "anxiety, nervousness, anguish, irritability, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, frequent awakenings and a constant state of alert", explained the forensic specialist of the Legal Medicine Institute of Galicia who reviews her case. "In other cases," such as a trauma "due to a traffic accident", these symptoms may go away with time, but in T. They have "become chronic".

The victim is usually treated by two psychologists, one in public health and the other in a private center. They have also testified to confirm that the woman Abuin allegedly tried to abduct to sexually abuse (in the same way that it is believed to have happened with Diana Quer) continues to have a fixation with "the cars in which a single man transits through a street without people. " His stress "revives" before "situations that evoke what happened". "His response is very intense" and "avoids the stimuli related to the trauma". That's why she does not want to go out alone to the street.


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