January 27, 2021

The Chewing Gum kept Diana Quer in a situation of "extreme horror and terror" before murdering her

The Chewing Gum kept Diana Quer in a situation of "extreme horror and terror" before murdering her

José Enrique Abuín Gey, better known as 'El Chicle', submitted Diana Quer to a situation "of extreme horror and terror" before assassinating her, according to the letter of the Prosecutor's Office, which has requested a permanent prison sentence reviewable for him for the kidnapping, sexual assault and murder "with cruelty" of the young woman from Madrid in the town of A Pobra do Caramiñal (A Coruña) in August 2016.

According to the narration of the facts, the fiscal document goes back to the dawn of August 22, 2016, when 'El Chicle', who had left by car from his home in Rianxo (A Coruña), happened to run into Diana Quer, who was returning on foot alone at 2.28 hours to her mother's summer house.

Taking advantage of the young person was "absorbed" while having a conversation on WhatsApp, continues, the defendant followed her "with her car, slowly and without losing sight of her, stalking her to an appropriate place and then addressing her" with the purpose of "attacking her sexually" and being aware that "nobody could help her", given that I found in an uninhabited area.

The Public Ministry believes it was Abuín Gey who cut him off with his car and he called her saying 'Brunette, come here,' as she herself told a friend in the last text message she could send. At about 2.43 pm (when Diana Quer made the last phone call), the defendant, "acting with the purpose of depriving her of liberty" and "threatening her sexual freedom," approached her and "jumped violently" on the girl, "reducing her by force", without her "could do anything to prevent the attack, to be alone and helpless" and after 'The Chewing Gum' snatched the phone.

Abuín Gey, as the letter continues, He forced her into the trunk, tying her hands and feet with bridles and gagging her with electrical tape, "nullifying any escape possibility" and "having it totally at your mercy". At the wheel, the defendant left A Pobra for the AG-11, from which, through the Taragoña bridge, he shot Diana Quer's cellphone with the intention that "it could not be located".

Situation of "extreme terror"

After 3:00 am, Abuín Gey arrived with the girl to an abandoned ship in the parish of Asados, which was "well known" by "El Chicle". "I knew it was an isolated and lonely place, that I had no surveillance, the access to the ship and that it was open, and knowing that it had beds and mattresses in disuse, but that were suitable for his libidinous purposes, so it was a perfect place to consummate his act of raping her, "the letter states.

The Prosecutor's Office establishes that Enrique Abuín parked his car inside the ship and "dragged" Diana Quer to the basement warehouse, "a place devoid of electric light and also of natural light at that time of night, as well as sordid, gloomy, dark and dirty", where, "having the young woman at her mercy, tied, subdued and terrified, he undressed her "and he raped her," while she resisted. "

Sometime, the defendant "placed a plastic tie around his neck", about 47 centimeters in length, and the "tightly squeezed" with the intention of "attempt against his life" and "hide" the kidnapping and rape, killing her by strangulation.

Once these facts are accomplished,The Chewing Gum 'threw the body of the young woman into a well of fresh water that was in the basement, "with the bridle still in the neck", and she got rid of her clothes. To ensure that the body was not located, continues, the defendant returned to the ship "more than 20 days after" the events and the corpse was planted with two large blocks of adobe joined by an electric cable, covering the well with a block of concrete.

The writing estimates that Diana Quer spent about 25 minutes "locked, bound and gagged" in the trunk of Abuh Gey's car, who then "dragged her to the creepy basement of the abandoned ship", where he kept her for an hour to "satisfy her sexual appetite", prolonging "her suffering and pain, subjecting her to a situation of extreme horror and terror".

Guilty of various crimes

The Prosecutor's Office considers Abuín Gey guilty of the crimes of illegal detention and sexual assault, for which he asks for sentences of 20 and 12 years in prison. To the elderly, he attributes the murder with "treachery" and "cruelty" of Diana Quer, for which he claims, as well as the particular accusation that the parents of the young woman, the revisable permanent prison.

At the same time, seeks compensation for Diana's parents of 254,000 euros, to which are added another 36,000 euros for his younger sister. Among other issues, in the case of being released from prison, he asks that a restraining order be maintained for the girl's family for a period of 10 years, as well as the prohibition on her residing or visiting A Pobra and the obligation to participate in it. a sex education program.


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