The Chavista Constituent appoints new comptroller and deputy prosecutor in Venezuela

The Chavista Constituent appoints new comptroller and deputy prosecutor in Venezuela

The National Constituent Assembly (ANC) of Venezuela, composed only of pro-government and not recognized by numerous governments, today appointed Elvis Amoroso as the new Comptroller General and Beysce Loreto as Deputy Attorney General of the Caribbean nation.

The president of the ANC, Diosdado Cabello, read in the session on Tuesday a communication according to which the up to today comptroller, Manuel Galindo, informed of his decision to retire for "strictly personal" reasons.

"That forces us as a plenipotentiary power to designate a general comptroller immediately to assume responsibilities," said Cabello, who proposed Amoroso for that position and won the unanimous support of the hundreds of constituents.

Amoroso served as vice president of the ANC and was previously a deputy of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) -controlled by the opposition since 2016- and legal adviser to Chavismo, which has governed Venezuela since 1999.

Her place in the ANC was also taken by Chavez Gladys Requena, also proposed by Cabello and who previously held positions as deputy and minister for Women and Gender Equality.

Requena and Amoroso are close to Cabello, considered the number two of the so-called Bolivarian revolution and who today chairs the body that exercises incontestable power in the country.

Then, the leader of the Constituent Assembly read another communication sent by the Attorney General, Tarek Saab, according to which Beysce Loreto is designated as Deputy Attorney General replacing Katherine Harrington, of whom no details were reported.

Loreto served as general director of procedural action of the Public Ministry and when swearing in her new position she undertook to do justice and accompany Saab, who was also appointed last year by the ANC in its first week of functions.

According to Venezuelan law these designations correspond to the Parliament but because it is in "contempt" according to the Supreme Court – which declared it that way shortly after the opposition took control of the Chamber – the ANC has made use of its plenipotentiary character to assume tasks of the Legislative Power.

The Venezuelan opposition also does not recognize the Constituent Assembly because it was formed without the prior approval referendum established by the Constitution.


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