April 22, 2021

The changes of mobile operator reach a historical record in 2018 and exceed 10 million

The changes of mobile operator reach a historical record in 2018 and exceed 10 million


The portability of telephone numbers has reached record figures in 2018, with almost 10 million operator changes between fixed and mobile telephony, the highest figure in history, according to the data published this Friday by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).

Both mobile and fixed portability have marked the highest record in history with 7.5 million operator changes in mobile and 2.3 million in fixed. In December, however, the number of mobile portabilities is the lowest of the year, with 538,000.

Grupo MásMóvil and virtual operators have registered positive net portability balances, when adding 29,542 and 33,346 lines respectively, while Movistar has yielded almost 22,000; Orange, 33,034, and Vodafone, 7,893, which suggests that the effect of the football war has already been diluted.

Also in the accumulated of the year, according to the data of the CNMC, the large operators have obtained negative balances in mobile telephony, of 560,000 numbersin the case of Vodafone, almost 360,000 in Orange and 30,700 in Movistar. By contrast, MásMóvil had a positive balance of about 623,000 numbers and virtual mobile operators, of about 330,000.

The park of mobile lines has won 53,230 in December, bringing 2018 closed with 53.4 million, 2.8% more than a year ago, with the three main operators concentrating a joint share of 79.5%, 2.5 points less than a year ago.

Lines Fiber optics to the home (FTTH) have exceeded 8.5 million, of which 3.9 million or 46% corresponds to Movistar, which again reduces its share in this technology (0.5 points with respect to November and almost 6 points less than a year ago).


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