The chancellor of Guatemala travels to Spain to a forum on women's empowerment

The chancellor of Guatemala travels to Spain to a forum on women's empowerment

The Foreign Ministry of Guatemala reported today that the head of the office, Sandra Jovel, traveled to Madrid (Spain) to attend the Ibero-American meeting "Legislating for the economic empowerment of women", which is part of the XXVI Ibero-American Summit to be held in Antigua .

The event, said the Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs this morning in a statement, is held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Spanish Cooperation, with the participation of delegates from the 22 countries that are part of the Ibero-American Conference.

The meeting seeks that ministers and representatives of equality mechanisms, parliamentarians and academic experts in the region show the extent of legislative inequality that affects the economic empowerment of women.

In addition, to find mechanisms to "promote action to repeal discriminatory laws and promote laws and policies sensitive to gender" and "promote partnerships between multiple sectors to achieve effective legislative reforms and impact."

According to Guatemala's Foreign Affairs, through the ostentation of the Pro-Tempore Secretariat of the Summit, the Central American country "has promoted the transversal line of gender equality in the Ibero-American system, integrating it in a substantive way in its work plan, so that has positioned the theme in the different agendas of the preparatory events for the Summit. "

The meeting will promote on Tuesday the preparation of a document that will be delivered to the heads of State and Government that will participate in the XXVI Ibero-American Summit of November 15 and 16, in Antigua, Guatemala, in order for them to validate it as a whole.

According to the United Nations, Guatemala is the fourth country in Latin America with the lowest parity and in the last electoral process, women only reached 13.9 percent of the representation in Congress.

At the local level, 97.9 are men and there is only one indigenous woman who serves as mayor throughout the country, in addition to the only woman in the Cabinet, Aura Leticia Teleguario, resigned on September 16 due to the political crisis that crosses the country.


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