March 1, 2021

The ‘Champions’ islea returns after 13 years of absence – La Provincia

The Champions League of the Archipelago’s boards returns to the scene. The Canarian League of Clubs returns after thirteen years of absence to offer a competition that intends to follow the trail left behind with the participation of world champions such as Magnus Carlsen or Veselin Topalov. The fire returns to the 64 squares of the ten best teams of the Islands with a fierce fight for the two places that will entitle to dispute the second division of the championship of Spain.

Today, at 11.00 in Los Realejos the starting signal is given at nine rounds that will dissipate again the club that stands as the dominator of the Archipelago. The town of Tenerife will be the first starting point of this Canary League with five duels of authentic vertigo over black and white escapes.

Thirteen years later, the hand of Agustín Santana, current president of the Canary Chess Federation, returns the competition that was able to concentrate in his day the best great masters of the national scene and the leading players of the Islands. “In its day it was a league of stars, which had to be suspended, and now taking advantage of the push of the sponsors and at a lower cost than at that time, we want to move towards that exciting competition,” recalls the regional manager.

Even so, Santana himself describes the current league as “one of the best tournaments that exists in the Islands” and which aims to “boost the maximum level of the Canarian players and at the same time, the promises of the Islands can play against the teachers who are going to compete in the League. “

The current list of teachers has 3 Grand Masters, 5 International Teachers, plus 11 Fide Masters. Among which stand out the everlasting José García Padrón (Lanzaloe) and Sabrina Vega (Grandama) as the references of the Islands.

An even competition is predicted, with several aspirants to rise with the regional scepter, but following the dictatorship of the ELO points, the Grandama (with an average of 2366) and the Lanzaloe (with 2355) are placed in a favorite position. In addition to the tough Cajacanarias Foundation (2242), Ébano Barrio Nuevo (2235), which has formed a team of young teachers, and the Neighborhood with the duo of MF Omar García and Víctor Ramírez as bastions.

Nine battles ahead, with a stop at the equator of the league to concentrate all the teams again, to celebrate in Vecindario on February 8, and closing on March 23 in “an emblematic place of Arrecife”.


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