The Chamber validates extension of Moreno's powers to call RTVC contest

The Chamber validates extension of Moreno's powers to call RTVC contest

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To convene the contest that guarantees the continuity of the regional public television service and its news programs

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The plenary session of the Parliament of the Canary Islands has validated with 34 votes in favor and 28 abstentions
the decree law that extends for six months the authorization of the sole administrator of the entity Radio Televisión Canaria (RTVC)Francisco Moreno, to announce the contest that guarantees the continuity of the regional public television service and its news programmes.

On the other hand, the request of the PP that the decree be processed as a bill by urgent means has been rejected.

What is pursued with the measure that has gone ahead is that the contracting procedure for a new system of technical equipment and new facilities for the public entity can be restarted, after the previous one has been declared void, and the possibility of doing so opens up jointly or separately.

The Minister of Public Administrations, Justice and Security, Julio Pérez, has defended that this decree law
"It is necessary, justified and appropriate to the regulations", and has the endorsement of the Advisory Council, despite the fact that it appreciates in it some "technical deficiencies".

These deficiencies have to do with the extension of Moreno's qualification, when he considers that it would be necessary to talk about a new term granted, or with the fact that the possibility that the contest would be deserted again had to be foreseen in the text validated today, described Perez.

The counselor has emphasized that the situation in which the RTVC finds itself
"It has not been created by the Government of the Canary Islands nor can it be resolved"but it has to be the Parliament that establishes its operating framework and appoints its highest authority.

And he took the opportunity to congratulate the workers of the entity for the recent national television award that has been granted to the house.

Francisco Déniz (Yes We Can Canary Islands) and Luis Campos (Nueva Canarias) have coincided in
the relevance of this extension of powers to the sole administrator so that the RTVC "continues to function".

Campos added that "this is the radio and television of all the Canary Islands, now probably more than ever and with more quality than ever",
as evidenced by the different awards it has received "for its very high quality" and for the work carried out, and has blamed the groups that are currently in opposition for the current situation of the entity.

On the contrary, José Alberto Díaz Estébanez (Nationalist Group), has pointed out that this decree is "the chronicle of a failure", that of the contest that has been deserted, and is based on a "new legal principle: fright or death. Either they support us or we close the kiosk.

Estébanez has attributed this "failure" to those who have a majority in Parliament to renew the entity's control bodies "do not agree", and has opined that Francisco Moreno "has ceased to be the administrator of Parliament and of the canaries to be that of the government and the parties that support it, some more than others.

The deputy of the PP Luz Reverón has said that she feels like "groundhog day" and has stressed that what the Government is looking for with this decree is the same as with the previous ones: "control the entity through the sole administrator", to that he continue to be "his master's voice", and that is why
has predicted that there will be no control board in the current legislature.

Reverón has also noticed that since 2019 there has been "the mantra" that the obsolescence of media and facilities "would imminently cause television to go black", and has criticized that "those who hide" behind the decree validated today are “divide the object of the contract”.

An extreme that has been denied by both Melodie Mendoza (Asociación Socialista Gomera) and Nira Fierro (Grupo Socialista), who has snapped at the nationalist deputy José Alberto Díaz Estébanez, who preceded him in speaking time: "he thinks he's funny, but he doesn't does not even tax of grace».

The other moment of tension occurred after the intervention of the deputy of the Joint Group Vidina Espino, who ordered the Government to leave "the fudge",
to comply with the Law on Radio and Television in the Canary Islands and to "take out of the drawer" the inspection report of the Audiencia de Cuentas.

The President of the Parliament, Gustavo Mato, has replied that the Bureau of the Parliament
«He hides absolutely nothing from any deputy and fulfills his obligations and powers» contained in the Statute of Autonomy and the regulations of the Chamber, in accordance with the law and the criteria of the house technicians.

And he added that Espino's "situation in Parliament", remaining in the Mixed Group and not as an unassigned deputy after unsubscribing from Ciudadanos, a formation with which he participated as head of the list in 2019, "is a good example of it".

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