June 15, 2021

The Chamber orders the judge of the Villarejo case to lift the secret of the Iberdrola piece




The National Court has ordered the magistrate of the Villarejo case, Manuel García Castellón, to partially lift the secret that has been in force in the investigation open to Iberdrola for orders to the retired commissioner. The Criminal Chamber agrees that the contents of this seventeenth piece of the Tandem case be transferred to the parties, which investigates the orders that the electric company made to the Cenyt group between 2004 and 2017. The Chamber exempts from this survey all the Documentation recently found by the Judicial Police and still pending analysis.

The Third Criminal Section thus partially admits the Appeal from former Iberdrola Security Chief Antonio Asenjo and to which the Office of the Prosecutor had opposed. The magistrates consider that since the secrecy was declared in this piece, sufficient time has passed to adopt, with respect to the documentation examined, the necessary precautions to avoid damages to victims and third parties, so there are no reasons to maintain it.

The magistrates endorse the declaration of secrecy (October 2019) and the successive extensions when seeing them justified “due to the risk that, for the purposes of the process, the privacy of the eventual victims and third parties, could represent that the parties accessed the seized documentation before it was analyzed. “


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