The Chamber of Commerce of Spain offers its support to "Spain emptied"

The Chamber of Commerce of Spain has offered its support to the claims made by the depopulated territories that make up "Spain emptied" to consider "a need" that the provinces affected by the low population density receive more attention.

The president of the body that brings together the Chambers of Commerce of the country, José Luis Bonet, has offered this Friday at a press conference the support of the national body and has considered that the Chambers of Commerce "can do much" to support the claims of "Spain emptied".

He has indicated that both the Chamber of Spain and "the chamber system as a whole" will support the claims raised by platforms such as Soria Ya or Teruel Existe and other provinces such as Zamora.

"The Chambers can do a lot because they are in all those territories," said the president of the highest chamber organ, which has offered the support of these bodies.

In his opinion, the demonstration last Sunday in Madrid called by these territories was "a success" because he called the attention of the whole country to "a problem that exists and that is real."

Therefore, it has seen that mobilization and the fact that it has been carried out "during the electoral campaign".

He has invited the promoters of the initiative to continue with their claim and work as they intend to do through the so-called "pact of Teruel".


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