the chain loses its right on the iconic brand in the EU

the chain loses its right on the iconic brand in the EU


The Big Mac is in danger. At least within the European Union. And is that McDonald's has lost its right to the brand of its iconic hamburger within European territory. The reason, a legal battle that the multinational has waged with the Irish hamburger chain Supermac's.

It all started in 2015, when Supermac's wanted to expand in the United Kingdom and in other EU countries. But at the time of undertaking it, an important obstacle was found. McDonald's reported that the name of the Irish chain was similar to the Big Mac brand, a fact that could confuse the consumer despite the fact that the Irish chain itself does not have among its products any that is called "Big Mac".

Thus, began a legal battalion that has finished with the Office of Intellectual Property of the EU (EUIPO), whose headquarters is in Spain, determining that McDonald's has lost the right to use the name of its iconic hamburger. And it is that two years ago Supermac's asked that will be removed from the registry the "Big Mac" and "Mc" brands.

The ruling revoked McDonald's trademark registration, saying that the world's largest fast food chain had not demonstrated genuine use of it during the five years prior to the filing of the case in 2017. Therefore, any chain can freely use the Big Mac brand. Of course, McDonald's has now a period of time to appeal the decision taken by the EUIPO and try to recover its exclusive right over the brand.

The founder of Supermac's, Pat McDonaghtold, told Reuters after hearing the ruling that "he is delighted with his victory in the trademark application and the revocation of the trademark Big Mac, which existed since 1996."


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