May 15, 2021

The CGPJ warns of a lack of officials in courts after the Justice resolution

The General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has warned that judges may have difficulties in providing the essential services they are entrusted with, as the number of officials who go to some courts has been reduced after the last order issued by the Ministry of Justice.

The governing body of the judges specifically questions the resolution published yesterday by the Ministry to adapt the coverage of these services to the royal decree that regulated the recoverable paid leave for workers in non-essential services, which established new rules of ” face-to-face “in the judicial organs.

In a statement after an extraordinary meeting of its permanent commission, the CGPJ recalls that it has issued various instructions in the face of the health emergency, including personnel organizational measures, to guarantee essential services and safeguard “the rights of citizens, avoiding the cause of harm. irreparable. “

According to the reports sent by the different higher courts of justice, the Ministry’s resolution has resulted in some courts having reduced the number of civil servants in person and that it may hinder the provision by judges and magistrates of essential services that have been marked.

In this context, the CGPJ reiterates that “the coverage of these services” must be guaranteed in any circumstance with the face-to-face staff necessary for it “, for which reason the higher courts will contact the competent administrations so that” at the greatest urgency “they take the necessary measures to fully guarantee effective judicial protection.

“In case of neglect of their requests, the presidents of the Superior Courts of Justice must immediately notify the Council for the appropriate purposes,” concludes the governing body of the judges.


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