September 30, 2020

The CGPJ agrees to the retirement of the judge who controlled the telephone numbers of journalists

The General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has agreed to retire early and voluntarily to the judge of Palma Miguel Florit, accused of controlling calls and requisitioning mobile phones of journalists when he instructed the Cursach case.

The permanent commission of the governing body of the judges approved last Friday to declare the early voluntary retirement requested by the holder of the Court of Instruction 6 of Palma, as reported by the Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands (TSJIB) on Monday.

Florit's application sets the retirement date on January 31 of next year.

Last September, the TSJIB agreed to open an oral trial against this judge for several alleged crimes committed by ordering the requisition of journalists' mobiles and the control of their communications under the Cursach case.

The TSJIB also opened an oral trial against the State as a subsidiary civilian responsible and set a bond for the judge of 60,166 euros, to ensure the pecuniary responsibilities that could have place in this case.

The publishing company of Diario de Mallorca, the journalists Blanca Pou and Kiko Mestre, the EFE Agency, Europa Press, and the Information Media Association exercise the accusation.

Journalists and accusers claim for the judge 42 years of disqualification for prevarication, crime against inviolability of domicile, against the exercise of professional secrecy and the right to privacy and illegal interception of communications.

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