The CGPJ accuses the Council of Europe of interference in Spanish justice

Carlos Lesmes, president of the CGPJ.

Carlos Lesmes, president of the CGPJ.

The General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) “regrets” that the Council of Europe has made recommendations to the Spanish judges on the independentistas involved in criminal cases that obviate “the principles of legality, separation of powers, judicial independence and equality in law enforcement. ”

Following the resolution approved by the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe, the permanent commission of the CGPJ organ has issued a statement this Wednesday to criticize what it considers interference in the work of the Spanish justice and to emphasize that those pardoned were not condemned “for their political ideas and for their free expression.”

“They were convicted after a speedy trial and with all the procedural guarantees for crimes of sedition and embezzlement of public funds, in application of the Penal Code approved in 1995 by the legislative power and whose promoters baptized as ‘the Penal Code of democracy’, emphasizes the governing body of the judges.


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