The CEOE explodes and will not negotiate until Díaz withdraws his “ideological” labor reform




The business organization yesterday made official its resounding rejection of Minister Díaz’s intentions to repeal the 2012 labor reform and did so after more than 200 organizations forward their rejection absolute to end the current system of labor relations.
In a joint statement, CEOE and Cepyme
They make public the displeasure that they privately transferred to the Ministry of Labor last week, and that they reflected in a text in reply to the “labor revolution” of the vice president, which for the employers has “Marxist” inspiration, as reported by ABC. The minister insists on dynamiting the changes of the PP, despite the rejection of Brussels, and, in addition, has prepared an offensive against temporality that, in practice, would make this figure disappear. Limit to the maximum the conditions under which a temporary contract can be signed instead of a fixed one and force to convert to indefinite all contracts that do not comply with what is established in the roadmap.

In the very tough joint statement CEOE and Cepyme assure that in the meeting held yesterday with the ministry they transferred «The need, in order to continue negotiating, to have a new approach on the part of the Government, aligned with the needs of companies and workers and in accordance with the Brussels country recommendations ”. They say that Minister Díaz’s approach «They go against the adaptability that companies need to be able to generate employment in the current conjuncture of uncertainty and transformation, and also of the guidelines set by the European Commission, with which the agile reception of the European funds that the country needs for reconstruction after the pandemic is ultimately being put into play. .

No economic foundations

Regarding the objectives set by the minister, she says «Seems to respond to an ideological motivation without economic foundations; it does not take into account the reality of the business fabric and of working people and, therefore, inevitably leads to disagreement ». “It does not seem that the best option is to propose a proposal that in all its elements is regressive and interventionist, reducing the capacity of collective bargaining,” they underline. Employers are committed to “quality labor relations that allow fruitful development within the company for the benefit of all.” They add that “that is the framework in which it would be necessary to work, instead of starting from mistrust and suspicion towards the company, throwing confused dogmas to the public opinion like the assimilation of temporality and precariousness ”.

The employers once again make it clear, as they did in private last week that Temporality is an intrinsic element to many activities of a seasonal nature, Reducing it to a residual phenomenon “harms the employability of many people, especially those without qualifications and young people, at a time when their unemployment rate is around 40%, and even exceeds 50% in many territories ». Share the need to act against irregular and non-causal temporalityTherefore, within the framework of the social dialogue table, other tools should be added to the existing tools that limit said situation, after preparing a shared diagnosis. Thus, they say that “there is an urgent need for a text promoted by the Government, more appropriate to the requirements of Europe and to the reality of the business fabric and of working people, that does not hinder economic recovery.

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